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Levelling up

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For those of you who are 100% better than the others (level 2 vs 1):

I have a thing for realism (in case you haven't noticed), which means I like classes, levels, ranks, and alignment to stay out-of-game. The way this translates to levelling up is that to get all the improvements of your new level, you must spend some time training in-game. The guideline is two weeks, but as an example, if you're a divine sage (cloistered cleric), you could reduce that to a week if you studied non-stop in the Great Library in the Temple of Searing Light (Heironeous).

The main thing that training time accomplishes is a gap between one game performance and another - during which any observer could fail to notice incremental improvement (which is generally how people gather skill). The result is a distinct difference in a character's abilities.

Without training time, witnessing a level 1 character one day and a level 2 character the next, it might seem like two different people. The first has heard of the spell Flame of Doom (fireball), the second can cast it, and make it seem like it came from the opposite direction! How'd that happen overnight (along with the other class improvements)?

So here's how to level up without training time: determine the full benefits of levelling up. For each bonus to a roll or score, take 1 per in-game day. E.g. max hit points 8 on Monday, max hit points 9 on Tuesday, 10 on Thursday, etc. For Trained-only skills, you must wait unless you already have ranks in it. Casters can get one new spell of the higher level, as if they've been running gedanken experiments, or their god has granted a wee bit for favor. Feats and class abilities are less clear cut, so run them by me.

I'd like to comfort you by saying your enemies won't improve overnight either, but you're still just as likely to encounter enemies of a higher (or lower) encounter level than you are, regardless of your current level. Sorry! Be careful out there!

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  1. DMMike's Avatar
    One reason to enjoy a relative lack of healing magic:
    when your buddy is out for a couple weeks of recovery (and sponge baths), you get to work on your new skills.

    However, this does provide an incentive for your buddy to want you to do lots of healing as well...