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The Party

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It has occured to me that I haven't introduced the party yet. For those of you who aren't actually in the group here is our loadout:

First we have John the human Cleric. He follows the teachings of Oghma, Ferunian god of knowledge.
Second is Chizzle Face the Tiefling Warlock. He spends much of his time spouting off smart assed quips as the party pokes fun at his goat legs and possible transvestite nature (his fig does have madona cones).
Third on the list is our Human Ranger, which I don't seem to have a name written down for. he is a ranger of the two weapon variety and seems to have taken the entire world as his favored enemy, as he seems to behead just about every enemy the party manages to capture.
Next is Darvak the Dwarven Fighter. this guy is as beefy as it gets. Hard to hit and even harded to knockdown. Darvak epitomizes the dwarven defender role.
Fifth is Jett. Our newest member, Jett is a Storm Gensai wizard who seems to delight in forcing the enemy into whatever precarious prediciment he wishes whether it be with his sleep spell or cloud of daggers.
Well that's the group as it sits now. Will it change in the future, who knows. But each member does have their own style and unique personality to bring to the group. This will definetly be an intersting campaign.

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