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Scepter Tower of SPellgard [Part 8]

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The party awoke in the monastery, not all of them had a restful night. Apparently consciences were heavy after what happened with the wererats.

Over a breakfast of bacon and eggs they discussed what they should do next. After a while they decided that they should return to the wererat warren under the ramparts. It still is their only lead, and perhaps there was still a chance they could make things right.

As they entered the ramparts it was quiet and empty. It appeared as if the wererats had cleared out. When they went down the stairs deeper in than they had explored before they came across a pack of guard dogs chained to a wall. They dogs appeared very hungry, and immediately tried to attack them, but the chains held fast and kept the party out of harm. Remembering their breakfast, they dashed back to the monastery to get some leftover bacon to feed the dogs, or at least distract them. It was exceptionally greasy and dripped all over Miabe and Thaddius' robes as they tossed it to distract the wolves.

As planned the dogs eagerly chased the bacon giving Fez an opening to dash across the room and through the doorway. Unfortunately several wererats were on guard in the next room, and well prepared afterign hearing the barking from the dogs. Without consulting the party Fez charged in and attacked the wererats.

With the smell of bacon on them Miabe and Thadius had a bit of trouble getting past the wolves. Once the whole party made it into the next room they were easily able to dispatch the wererats. One of them managed to escape further into their warren.

Not that DM's in general enjoy threatening the party, but there are times when its immensely enjoyable. Chasing the party's two casters wearing bacon flavored robes with hungry wolves definitely qualified for me.

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