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Rafe Hasbrouck

Pathfinder All the Way

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For the most of my Dungeons and Dragons experience I followed Wizards and TSR and Forgotten Realms, until recently. My gaming group and I tried fourth edition, we gave it a fair chance and played over 10 games with the new rules. It was ok, you could manage to role play with the game but the way Wizards marketed it totally put it off for me. I also dislike the way the books are set up, the way the read (I could never read any of the new books through) 3rd edition was not like that. The new edition lacked lore and the "powers" were tooooooo limiting.

Pathfinder is the new Dungeons and Dragons for us. The game allows everyone to use their old 3.0 and 3.5 edition books. I really enjoyed the previous edition and like the new changes that Pathfinder brings to the table. Spell casting suffered horribly under 4th edition, but Pathfinder has made it better and keeps the old, beautiful spells and abilities of the wizards and sorcerers, even the bards and the other spellcasters.

So, when we continue forward from this point, this parting of the paths, we will follow Pathfinder into the future. Maybe one day Wizards will realize its mistake, and maybe they will correct the mistake of 4th edition with 5th edition. Who knows. Maybe we all start making our own homebrews!

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