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Interlude 3

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In a small clearing amongst looming trees, black in the moonlight, the head priest finished the opening prayers. Two tall braziers lit the hooded heads of the kneeling worshippers. The head priest, clad in a blood-red robe with green trimming, raised his hands high in the firelight and called for the sacrifice. In his hand gleamed a bejeweled dagger. The enforcers, wearing scale armor under their red cloaks, brought forth a badly beaten, bound, and hooded human.

(parental guidance suggested)
As the prisoner was placed between the braziers, the priest called out for the blessing of the dragon, and after a short invocation, smoke covered the entire altar. Some choked screaming and grunting ensued, and the braziers, from behind the smoke, flared high. When the smoke cleared, the priest held the ceremonial dagger, now bloodied, high. A burning pile lay between the braziers, the ground beneath it soaked in blood. All the worshippers began the Prayer for the Dragon's Return.

Far off in another land, the head priest knew, the sleeping dragon would be pleased.

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  1. scottb's Avatar
    Uh-oh. I really hope that bloody mess wasn't our guy. It'd be a shame to find out that we arrived several days too late to save him, having squandered several days around town fumbling for leads.
  2. DMMike's Avatar
    Listening to Batman score...get ready for nighttime capers!

    By the way, if any characters are feeling any camaraderie with others, that'll help group cohesion when you get out of the first adventure, and into higher levels. I think that nighttime illegal escapades, and life saving (even for a death cleric, "it wasn't his time") are good starts.