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Trinidad - The Story So Far

Hot Meal and A Warm Bed

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Morning is much more gracious than the night. You slept poorly, haunted by nightmares and figetyness resulting from sleeping on a soft bed as opposed to the hard earth.

The room in which you and a few of your fellow slaves (perhaps former slaves, you hope) lay smells of wood. Though through the crude door below a small pig-iron cross, you catch the scent of something lovely—Breakfast!
You met Cindy Rein, the widow, last night when the Walkers brought you here.

Cindy stands at the ready with a plate full of pancakes. The table is set, the fruit is fresh, and the coffee is hot. You can’t wait to dig in!

“Get it while it’s hot,” She smiles.

You aren’t used to this kind of hospitality, but the allure of the pancakes and fruit is great.

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