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Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 7]

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Thus far the party had always taken the direct approach to things. Decisions were quick and typically involved using weapons. For fun I decided to guilt them a little bit about their rash actions by suggesting that the wererats might have been innocents they attacked and killed.

By the module they are in a hack and slash section of the adventure, so really they were supposed to kill the wererats. That doesn't mean I can't mess with them, besides it turned into some fun role play.

The party kept the wererat surrounded while it continued to beg to be spared. "So what are ye doin here?" asked Fez.

"We are cursed, can't you see? We came to find a cure.. be rats no longer." stammered the wererat.

Slightly surprised Miabe says "They started out as rats? Weird."

"No! not rats! Halflings, the curse makes us rats" explained the wererat. Then he concentrated a moment and the hair on his body receded and his features changed into those of a halfling. "Whole family, all cursed. We all came to be cured by the spirit. Kalmo gone crazy from the curse, had to lock him upstairs."

The party spoke with the rat for a bit longer about his family. The guard they ran into when they entered the ramparts was his brother, Malcolm. They'd been living in this part of the ruins for a while, repairing it and hoping to meet the spirit of Lady Saharel to find a cure for their curse. Kalmo used to tend their dogs, but lately he had been ignoring the live ones and favoring the dead ones. The wererats had to lock him up due to this strange obsession, for their own safetly. The wererat's father was exploring the crypts below the ramparts. It was a dangerous place that they'd been trying to seal off.

Fez suggested that they take the wererat with them, since they were all interested in finding the spirit perhaps they could help each other out. Before the wererat would leave he wanted to make sure his brother had some food, since he couldn't get to any while he was locked away. When he opened the door to give him some a pair of grave hounds burst through knocked the wererat down and lunging at the party.

When the commotion started the wererat they were talking to immediately ran away, down into the crypts. Kalmo and his dogs determinedly attacked the party. They tried in vain to get Kalmo to calm down and let them help him; but he was to far gone to the curse and wouldn't listen to reason. In the end they were forced to kill the undead hounds as well as Kalmo.

The party was confused about how to proceed. They still needed to get through to the crypts, but they didn't want to kill off the cursed halfling family. Instead they returned to the monastery to discuss how best to proceed.

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