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The Curmudgeon's Lair

For King and Country: Session 1

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Just thought I would type up what happened during the game for your amusement and so that I can remember later.

So here we go...

My character started out tied to a sacrificial alter on an ancient burial mound. The three PC's present for the game emerged from one of four tombs that surrounded the alter and rescued my character. We then talked for a bit and then delved into the next tomb. Only one tomb had been explored at this point. In the second tomb we encountered and killed 8-9 zombies. My character hit maybe twice, probably only once and for only minimal damage. After killing the zombies we searched the crypt and found nothing. We left the second tomb and entered the third tomb. In this tomb we found four stone sarcophagi and a large obsidian statue of the goddess Char/Shar? couldn't quite understand that the name was. Me and the Dwarf managed to get the lid off of the first one and jump back to a safe distance just in case. Nothing happened so the wizard took a closer look.

The hafling skeleton in the crypt jumped out and started gnawing on his neck so he attempted to magic missile the thing. Critical Failure, ouch! Now if I were the GM I would have said that a critical failure such as this would = self-inflicted wound, but alas our GM is a kinder soul than I . I used one of my powers to switch places with the wizard to get him out of harms way. On the hafling skeletons next attack, I took 16 points of damage, ouch! All of this action disturbed the rooms other inhabitants a wraith, and two more skeletal creatures. The Drow did a crazy flippy spiffy ninja-ass move and did 60 some point of damage (Holy Crap!). Wraith mops the floor with the Drow. I swap places with the wizard again (just kidding). It took a while and we took considerable damage but we finally managed to kill everything. We then searched the place and found no secret doors or anything. At this point I think to ask, "what are we looking for anyway". Turns out we are looking for a weapon of legend that was broken into several pieces and one of them is supposed to be in this here area. Wizard attempts to steal the 2 ton obsidian statue. "tensors floating disk says he", you have to get it under the statue first says the GM. We leave and go to the fourth crypt. Drow scouts it out and finds a trap. Sliding stairs that drop you into the underdark. Nothing in the fourth crypt so we trudge back to the others and search again. In the third crypt we look at the statue again. It bears an inscription, "Embrace the darkness". The statue has outstretched hands as if trying to embrace someone. So I go back to the second crypt and get a zombie corpse and make it hug the statue. *poof* gone. Wizard says "It's a trap, I'm not going". Drow says "It's a trap, where is the meat puppet when you need him". I say "Guess I'm the meat puppet tonight". *poof* I arrive in a circular room. In the center a small alter with a sword hilt. To the left and the right open chests full of jewels and treasure. Behind that an identical statue to the one in the third crypt. I find a helm in the chest and load it up with jewels, as I have no bag or backpack. I grab the sword hilt and run like hell toward the statue *poof* back in crypt 3. I throw the Drow the sword hilt and dump the jewels at the wizards feet. "Now everyone can go home happy".

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Updated 04-07-2009 at 01:59 AM by kirksmithicus

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    If I had to be the "meat puppet" I think I would've returned with a couple of those corpes parts on me and acted like I just got out alive, barely. You can always come back and get it later. Thanks for the post. I'll keep reading 'em if you keep posting 'em.
  2. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    LOL... that would have been good. The every greedy wizard went in after me because I told him about the treasure, but the room was empty. A one shot deal.