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DnD....and iphone?

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So, I've been playing DnD for years and i always have crazy Ideas popping into my head for adventure hooks, puzzles, encounters, etc. and i recently bought a little notebook to scribble said ideas into. Now, i don't own an iphone, I'm a PC guy, as in I actually know how to use a computer; that being said, I recently looked into upgrading my cellphone. Other than a few minor drawbacks (and being an apple product) the iphone looks like a pretty cool little gadget. i can add all my ideas as well as combine alot of reference material into one spot, as opposed to having a multitude of devices. I don't think it can replace a laptop, but i think it saves hav ing to lug one around for a lot of daily activities. So, i can cut out the Zune, phone, camera, laptop, notebook, and GPS (more of a car thing) and just carry the one. Then I can email/text friends gaming relating info, or even play by post, since i'll easily have access to the internet (since i always carry a pohone) and most posts are huge anyway.
I know there are other smart phones out there, and i haven't done an abundant amount of research on it, but i think taking that leap and cutting out a bunch of extra crap to carry around is worth the extra $30 for unlimited data/messaging; Just a i hate iphones though....

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  1. yukonhorror's Avatar
    I like my iphone. I am neutral when it comes to PC/Macs, but there are so many neat apps on it. They have a dice roller even for your dnd games.
  2. Freejack's Avatar
    I have a problem with the premise that a Mac person is less knowledgable than a PC person

    I see no reason an iPhone can't be used to take notes or even be used in game as a Commlink. I have plans on creating a Shadowrun tool or two. unfortunately for the PC users, the SDK only works on a Leopard based Intel Mac

    And I'm posting from my iPhone right now.