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Scarred Lands: Fangsfall

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August 29, 2009
Scarred Lands: Fangsfall
First Corday of Enker, 150 AV

A new month dawned as the group looked out over the newest landscape that they found themselves in. Rolling hills spread in every direction covered with various forms of scrub brush and tall grasses. Looking to the east, as the sun glimmered through the haze, they saw in the distance a huge swamp nestled in a valley and spreading for as far as the eye could see to the east, drawing on their collective knowledge of the contnent that they called home, they determined that it was the Swamp of Kan Thet, one of the last bastions of strength of Mormoís children, the Asaatthi. Turning west they saw a bright blue line which could only be the western shore of Ghelspad and the untainted ocean beyond.

After determining their location, they began to trek south, on their five day journey that would take them to the next stage of their journey.

They travelled south for a couple of days, moving further away from the swamps and closer to the most southeastern point of Ghelspad.

Two days into their travels they crested a hill and saw a group of people heading toward them. As they got closer it became apparent that they were not friendly, as they armed themselves and began moving to attack. Not wanting to deal with this sort of interruption and using his newly acquired Rune of Fire spell that he learned from Rutgar, Karel hurled the small skull of a rat into their midst and it exploded as 4 runes of fire engulfed all of the people in an instant conflagration.

As the flames died down and they moved closer to inspect the bodies it became certain that the people they had just killed were worshippers of Mormo and on their way north and east into the swamps of Kan Thet, or perhaps beyond. Congratulations were passed all around for Karel and his innovative and incredibly effective use of the spell.

On the next day, they traveled on foot walking a path next to a gorge. Without warning a roar rang out and in one quick motion and man-shaped wolf-like creature leapt off the rocks above them, tackled Halder, and they both plunged a few hundred feet into the shadows of the gorge.

Unable to process for a minute or two as their Madrielite was suddenly snatched from them, they suddenly began talking about what to do. After a moments discussion they tied ropes together to climb down into the gorge and rescue their comrade.

After a few hijinks and humorous climbs down the gorge, they made it to the sandy bottom of the crevasse. Once there they saw no sign of Halder or the creature that tackled him, but they saw tracks and a trail of blood. Safaria and Phoenix collaborated and were able to track the movements of Halder and the creature to the southernmost part of the gorge. Once they got there it became apparent that Halder climbed up the gorge, and they followed. His trail continued south for awhile longer, and it finally ended near a charred outline of a man-shaped creature burned into the ground.

Without any other recourse, they continued on to Fangsfall.

Two days later they crested a hill and looked over the sprawling city of Fangsfall and the bright blue ocean. Most of the group having come from the eastern portion of Ghelspad had never seen a blue ocean before and they were left in awe.

After marveling at the natural beauty of an untainted ocean, they headed down into Fangsfall. As they moved closer to the city they noticed a rather large tent city. They walked through the tent city wondering as to itís origins when a woman called out for Safaria as a Paladin of Corean. She approached Safaria on her summoned steed and implored her to find her missing daughter. As Safaria asked the woman more about what she was talking about, she spun a tale of disappearing neighbors and such over the last month or so.

After talking to the woman and promising her aid, they entered the city and made their way to an inn indicated as decent by the guards at the gate. Spotting the sign of the Busty Barwench, the group purchased rooms and rested the night.

The next morning they set out after breakfast and after asking the innkeepers wife about the location of a temple of Corean. She gave them directions and they left.

Once they reached the Chapterhouse of the Order of Mithril, they asked to see the man in charge. They were admitted to an audience with Qualton Jalth. They asked him about the book and also about the woman who begged Safaria to find her daughter.

Qualton, as leader of the Mithril Knights in Fangsfall and therefore part of its security forces, had information on the disappearances and told the group that theyíd received reports of disappearances from the tent city in the last few months. As far as they can tell thereís nothing connecting any of the people except for the fact that they all live in tent city. He also relayed to them that the ruler of the city Lord Vrail hadnít sanctioned an official investigation regarding the disappearances. Since the Mithril Knights were beholden to the ruler of the city, Qualtonís hands were tied regarding an independent investigation.

In regards to the book, he didnít have any answers or information. But he was able to tell them of the sage, Cestarian the Wise that might be able to help them discover whatever they were looking for.

Safaria, Rutgar, and Mao left immediately after their meeting with Qualton to meet with Cestarian. Pheonix decided to go down to the docks and keep his ears open to see what he could learn about the disappearances, because what better place to learn about the unscrupulous. Karel returned to the Mithril Knights Chapterhouse to inquire about any tasks they might be willing to pay him to perform.

They found Cestarianís tower on the western edge of the city surrounded by a small and well kept garden. Knocking on the door they were implored to wait for a moment, before it was opened by a portly man with thinning hair, who obviously loved to eat. Hazel eyes shone from his pudgy face and he cordially invited them into his tower.

They sat in the large first floor of his tower which was essentially a large dining room and kitchen, appropriate for a man who loves to eat. After offering them food and drink they showed him the book and he thumbed through it to their surprise, because he didnít faint like every other mage who handled the book had. He smiled and told them that not every sage in the world was a practitioner of magic.

After looking over the book he told them that the most likely explanation for the 4 keys that the poem spoke about was four artifacts of magical power. One of which was the book, and one somewhere in Fangsfall. But unfortunately without more time and study that was all he could tell them. But he told them that if they left the book with him that he might be able to provide them with the answers they needed to find what they were looking for. Rutgar and Safaria protested, saying that there wasnít any way that he could protect the book. Cestarian smiled at that and told them that simply because he wasnít a mage didnít mean that he wasnít protected by magic. In the end they left the book with him and attempted to get more information by spending the rest of the day in the tent city attempting to gather more information on the disappearances.

Pheonix spent the remainder of the day down at the docks keeping his ears open and lubricating the locals so that bits of news and goings on would pass from their lips more easily. After spending the afternoon in various locations on the docks around the shore and making use of the deftness of his fingers to keep himself sober, his plans paid off and he returned to the Mithril Knights Chapterhouse armed with knowledge that if one had enough money, anything could be gotten into our out of the city. Phoenix made the next logical assumption and told himself it was a slave smuggling operation, and planned to tell his comrades as it became necessary.

Karel spent the afternoon contriving a way to fulfill the task that Qualton had given him, which was muck out the stables. After working for awhile, and getting dirty in the process, Karel was able to get a bath at the chapterhouse and then pondered a way to get stables to muck themselves out.

As dusk settled on the city of Fangsfall the members of the party all made their way back to the chapterhouse for the communal dinner that was served, and to exchange information. Afterwards, they all returned to their rooms for the night, save for Safaria who asked Qualton if she could be added to the night guard rotation.

Karel entered his room and used the spark spell to light the candle in his room. A second later the room explodedÖ

I deliberately left this one on a cliffhanger just to whet your appetites for more Scarred Lands tales. Comments welcome!

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