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Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 6]

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After some difficulties with scheduling for the past couple of months, we're finally back to the adventure! In reality we've had two sessions, so we were back to it a while ago. I've just been lazy about typing up a synopsis.

Edric apparently caught some disease from fighting with the wererats, the following morning he refused to get out of bed. Alerat, Fez, and Miabe didn't feel like wasting the morning so they set off to the ramparts without him.

Edric had explained the night before that he heard rumors of an entrance to an underground network of crypts and tunnels that extended under the Spellgard ruins. He was tryign to get into them through the ramparts, but was driven out by the wererats. As the group was interested in a different entrance to the main tower they figured these tunnels would be worth investigating.

When they arrived they found a wooden door into the ramparts at the base of a tower. In the second floor of the tower they could see some flickering light, but were unable to determine its source. They were going to sneak into the door, but whoever was inside had stacked some light crates behind the door. Since there was no way to open it quietly they threw the door open making the crates clatter and bounce across the floor. A halfling was sitting inside and was quite startled at there hasty entrance. He shouted at them to get out and carried on yelling for quite a while.

Soon after several wererats entered the room from a spiral staircase to a lower room. One of them continued up the stairs to an upper room in the tower. The wererats had made extensive preparations after driving Edric out, including holding several fire beetles on the floor above. It was a long difficult fight to clear them all out and take control of the tower.

At the tail end of the fight Edric finally caught up with them. He was feeling better, good enough to help the party as they continued. They walked down the hallway through the wall of the rampart to the next tower. They found another group of guards waiting for them.

They killed all but a single wererat, who was attempting to hide in the shadows and avoid the combat. He begged for mercy after the party surrounded him. Alerat seemed intent on killing him, since the wererat would never offer them mercy. However, Edric and Miabe put a stop to that and started questioning the wererat.

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