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Ballad of Too Much Free Time

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Our session was cancelled due to real life last Saturday, so I'm posting the ballad I wrote of our exploits of two sessions ago:

The Ballad of Svrikir

Their once was a king of Lizardfolk,
Who were green in scale not black.
Who overthrew their king Svrikir,
And stabbed him in the back.

He wandered the swamps in need of aide,
And found adventurers not seeking to be paid.
Tennebrus Liadon, the Elvin Paladin was first to heed his call.
Seeking to save Saltmarsh from certain fall.

The next to help was Lawrence the Ranger,
Who laughed at the face of danger.
Unless it was scaly in nature,
Then he screamed at danger.

Boleel the Brownscale is of royal stock,
To make up for going half-cock,
Unless the King told him to not be funny,
He would easily take all your money.

To Cyprus Citadel the adventurers came,
Seeking not jewels nor fame,
But to put the king back on the throne,
Because Svrikir could not do it alone.

Reluk his brother was now the king,
Though his uncle Shirez was the true power,
When Svrikir arrived Reluk did not cower,
But was challenged to the death for the crown.

Shirez looked on with a frown,
As the three adventurers were bound,
They broke free of the trap,
And using hidden weapons went on the attack.

Reluk was slain not once but twice,
His uncle killed before it was thrice,
And Svrikir was back on the throne,
For turning on their king Reluk and Shirez paid the price.


I'm The paladin, by the way. The Ranger, Lawrence of Gnole Rape, is... crazy. The player is a little off, too. Boleel is apparently Draconic for porno, and Boleel himself is a Rogue Brownscale Lizardfolk. Svrikir was that NPC cleric I sometimes talk about. Lawrense is a half-elf, and I'm an elf. I know an elven paadin, but it works.

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  1. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    You have a talent, no question. Good stuff.

  2. michael's Avatar
    Sounds like it was a fun adventure.