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Some Character Updates

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Although we have started a new adventure with first level characters, I have been slowly working on the Tsojcanth game also. I was spending more time on finishing up all the prep of my Destiny of Kings online game. With that taken care of, I wanted to at least post some good news for 4 of the Tsojcanth characters.

When we next run the Tsojcanth game, both Weslocke and Hockerbrecht will become 6th level fighters, Cathartic will be an 8th level cleric, and Dunil will now be a 10th level thief. Obviously I will be creating where the Drow will be found, as well as Bissel, but I am also thinking of some other places to make. This way there will be more than just the Gnome village where they can obtain supplies.

This is where some of the other members of P&PG can come into play. If anyone can give an idea for the game, you will be given credit both at the game table as well as on the blog here. Just be sure to send any ideas to cplmac in a PM. We wouldn't want the players to read about it before they actually come to it in the game. Although, I would think that they are remembering some of the encounters that they had where not every one that had attacked them were killed. Also, they know of an Elven city, but it is several days travel to the Northwest. Just keep in mind that these characters range in level from 5/6 to 10, with several 7 and 8 in the mix. Just want to make sure that they don't have hard enough challenges and encouters for thier levels.

Thanks in advance for anything that is submitted.

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