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Old Games

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The last couple of weeks, I have been looking for old games that I had fun with in the past. I have been looking for Boothill, Stormbringer, Gamma World, Metamorphis Alpha and Justice Inc. I have run these games in the past as either one shots or mini campaigns. My memories of them are fond.

I am aware that many of them are still around, Stormbringer is now Elric, Gamma World is under a new label, Justice Inc is now Pulp Hero and am unsure if there is a replacement for boothill. Its just not the same. Pulp hero I believe requires the Hero system rules. Gamma World is a different system completely. I have seen that I can go through drivethrurpg and get the MA rules.

I realize though that I dont have the time that I had in my youth to work with and run these games and would there be anybody interested in playing them?

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  1. michael's Avatar
    I would love to. Any chance you would commute to Miami, FL to GM?
  2. templeorder's Avatar
    I and some old school friends just started work on a Strombringer 2 adventure (not D20!)... so yea, i know the feeling! I'd say yes if i was near, but it sounds like i'm gonna get my own fix in soon.
    Updated 09-02-2009 at 10:20 PM by templeorder (spell)
  3. Etarnon's Avatar
    I have most of those games, and we'll be playing two of them this winter. Look for them on Ebay, most are about 20 for the box set, etc.