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Ahhh yes, what a lovely system of death. Loose, fast, light on rules, heavy on world and literary references... and a what a time we had!!!

We built out our own world, find it here:

And now, just for fun, our old GM is thinking of running a few adventures again. Me, as a player, have the record for the most number of characters that "retired". this means 6+ adventures and lived and were taken out of play. I have plenty maimed and disfigured ones that retired by force, but i actually have 3 primary characters still alive. Another player, David Caine, holds the record for the character with the most adventures (something like 50 - but he's dead)... my "eldest" is Misha - about 30 adventures. Quite the triumph when you understand how deadly Stormbringer was... i cannot even count the dead characters, way too many.

any way, i hope we can one or 2 sessions going... it would be a blast.

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  1. templeorder's Avatar
    Whoohoo... finally got to play a couple weeks ago. GM had done up all the character for us and had a blast. Introduced a couple of new players to the world and mechanics.
  2. Otakar's Avatar
    I loved the books. Haven't seen the game before. Wikipedia says there are 4 editions and then the 5, Elric of Melnibone is actually a different game. I'll keep looking at your blog....