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Pathfinder Rules Playing Savage Tide

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Well, we had a session of Savage Tide converted to Pathfinder. We were all 11/12th level PC's with new class combos, magic items and different outlook on life.

Maybe it was the encounters, bad roles, the lack of one players Cleric, another player still making his PC, and a new player who never played a druid (and D&D) before but we got our arses handed to us.

We were in that crazy flesh city looking for the Lords of Dread and those pearls. We descended into a flesh temple wear we encountered a lone Kopru sitting on a thrown. Captain Shar (Rogue 11) descended this ladder and saw the creature. My PC Mikos (Ranger 11) joined her stealthy but he managed to spot us. So much for stealth. Even with my +16 to initiative I get a low roll. Our monk 12 Chongo leaps down and tries to strike the creature with a stunning fist, would have been great except stupid creature has a massive AC and Chongo rolls low. I use my turn to make the creature my quarry. Yoshi, the druid turns into a bird and make sit down the hole. Nemis wizard 12 (still building his character) goes down invisible and flying in the corner.
Then it moves and causes the pools (conveniently placed their ) to rise and fill the room underwater. And then, because it has powers of being an ass kisser to demogorgon moves around with a bunch of actions slashing at Chongo and moving away from us (tumbling but Chongo smacked it with a AO)

Me, Shar, and Chongo don't move very fast underwater. The Druid Yoshi transforms into a water elemental and tries to go after it but her BAB is crap and she just keeps getting attacked. Her spells are worthless.

Then our wizard is feeble minded (rolls a 1 on a save) and put out of commission (his invisibility ruined by the water). I can't move at all in the water so I just try to hit him with a 20 on my bow. What is hilarious is that since he is my quarry If I hit him I automatically confirm my cit.

Chongo is fast enough to catch up to him and grapples, him doing a lot of damage through the round, but loses him. Shar is charmed (rolling a 1 on a save) and tries to swim over and get at Chongo.

Basically, it was all a mess. Those that could swim fast were not hitting, one was charmed, I could only hit on a 20 and one was out of comish. The DM then had to start undoing the damage by allowing the feeblemind to wear off and having the creature do less tactical stuff. It was buffed by spells and objects but all the spells in pathfinder are nerfed. My final arrow (I hit only twice during the encounter) finally finished it off.

The last encounter with huge squid bug black acid creature. I roll low on initiative AGAIN for a 17 (I have +16 in this terrain but I roll crappy) and I am grabbed at once. The others are squirted by acid breath (I actually avoided it with evasion) and the battle goes on as Chongo and shar battle it, I chop at it with my handaxe and nemis shoots spells on it. Yoshi now can use Call lightning storm and starts to damage it. The creature after taking much damage sinks back down taking shar and me with it. Shar goes unconscious but I manage to pull her up with me and revive her. But I then realize the creature is still alive under the water. And the session end.

Over all I was not too impressed. I really don't care for some of the stories in Savage Tide, It could have been just that night. I'm tempted to change my PC, but since I survived, we will have to see.

Best lines the whole game:
Marcus: "Why are you trying out the wand?"
Sharon:"Because I have fun trying to use my use magic device skill"
Marcus: "You would know what would be more fun? If we all worked together and try to complete the adventure as a team rather than watching you roll dice."

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  1. michael's Avatar
    lol nice recap. Sounds like you guys have our old Ravenloft DM.