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Game Mechanics: The Hit system

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I started experimenting with a system in 3.5 which simulates the minions in 4e and adds a bit of simplicity to the combats.

I like to have more monsters in battle--it gives a more realistic situation. The problem with CR and with 3.5 is that in order to meet the EL, multiple monsters will need to be a lower CR and they don't provide a danger to the PC's. They need 20's to hit PC's maximized in AC. In turn, the PC have to deal with low level creatures that pose no threat and are just a hangup in keeping track for me. How many times do I have a 1 hitpoint left creature left because player didn't do just enough damage to end this fight.

Now I could do the sensible thing: fudge roles, use other monster tactics (fight defensively, full defense, aid other, grapple, trip), flanking...but this more fun!

The Hit system:

Based on the role of a creature, it requires a certain amount of hits to be taken down. The BAB is also altered to allow the creature the opportunity to actually hit the players. Hit monsters should only be used with a normal monster to pad the encounter. XP for the monster should be at 1/5 the total of a similar monster. Since I don't do XP per monster, I don't know how balance that is.

Minions: Require 1 hit to slay. They include lesser guards and mooks. They should have the equivalent of the PC's Level in BAB -1. They work best for 1 to 2 HD creatures or frail monsters (no class levels). They deal average damage.

Guards: Require 2 hits to slay. They include veteran guards, better equipped monsters, etc. They should have a BAB equal to the players. Monsters should be in 3-5 HD range (no class level). if you want a monster to be a little tougher to take down, then use the 2 hit creature. Large creatures, like ogres should be at least a 2 hit creature.

Elites: Require 3 hits. These are the toughness of the bunch, taking several hits before being brought down. They have BAB equal to party EL +1. These work best for a snarly beasts like owl bears and grizzely bears ordered to kill the players while the evildoers pepper them with spells.

Boss: No change. Build the monster with regular hit points and BAB.

Creatures that have special effects with temp hit points, regeneration, energy drain etc should not be a hit monster but ran as normal.

Hit Alterations:

Critical Hits: Those that score critical hits can apply 1 extra hit to their damage. So if a PC strikes a 2 hit guard with a critical hit, they slay it. Creature immune to Crit damage(Undead and Constructs) do not take the extra hit.

Precision damage: Sneak attack, Skirmish, and other types of precision damage give the play 1 extra hit if they meet the criteria. Creatures immune to crit damage do not take the extra hit.

Power Attack: All power attacks should add 1/2 extra hit to the damage for every -1 put into attack. So a -2 on atttack would add an extra hit. Power attack is a bit of an overkill on a minion, Guard or elite. These foes are suppose to go down easy. If a fighter or barbarian wants waste his time on them, their is just no stopping them.

Multiple Attacks:
Multi Attacks from creatures (animals, magical beats) do 1/2 hit. At the end of their attacks, all damage is round down so a creature with 1 1/2 hits would have 1 and a creature with 1/2 hit would be at 0 and die.

Derivative Attacks:
Attacks by players are all at 1 hit each from their main weapon only (see 2 wpn fighting)

2 Wpn Fighting:
off hand weapons do 1/2 hit unless they are not light. For instance, fighting with a sword and dagger could garner 1 +1/2 hit while wielding two swords would give 2 hits.

Raging: While a creature raging it gains 1 hit. Once it stops raging it loses the hit and dies.

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