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Pathfinder Savage Tide 2

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Well, at about session 3 of pathfinder we have found our PC's radically altered to fit the new system. I have gave up my ranger for a new Paladin PC. Shar has turned her pirate into more of a fighter, Marcus drop his wizard for an arcane trickster, and Shaun has transformed his PC into a Mystic Theurge. After two hours of some players complaining about their PC's as they finished them up, we finally got started playing. I would have liked sooner, as I had to leave an hour early, but that is not uncommon.

The PC's would be considered pretty tough---if we weren't fighting EL 16 encounters with a EL 12 party, but that seems the trend with Savage Tide in these later adventures. Every single encounter seems to be one spanking session. Our DM wanted us to change for his sake of fun, but I don't find it great fun to listen to the others players moan or to have my PC ' testicles served to him in a fondue pot. I don't want easy fights, but I would like a spell casting creature to have a little less hit points than my Pally and not hitting my AC 30 on every hit.

We are losing some of the character development (main reason I DM my own written or heavily modified adventures) and are simply pawns to the path adventure. I never cared for higher level adventures but if I had to do them, I would make it more of a problem solving kind, where the outcome is not based on who got initiative but how, with all your power, can you accomplish seemingly impossible goals. And I like to make them personal; that's your brother your saving from the mindflayer's---not the Dukes Daughter.

With the Pathfinder, some of this may have to do with playing core. If the adventure was geared for more role-play and intrigue, it wouldn't matter the PC we played. But this is all about Combat, and right now, the core Pathfinder classes, even though more powerful, don't measure up to the challenges. Even worse, the Cleric,druid, and wizard are so water down, they are not much better. All the classes are similar in power, but playing a module built with Fiend Folio, Vile darkness, and PrC's from everywhere, it's difficult to not call foul.

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Updated 09-28-2009 at 07:11 PM by wizarddog

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