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Session 1

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Michael and Silas discovered Michael's dad, Manfred, missing. Asher, a business associate of Manfred's, met up with them before everyone went to the town church to look for Manfred. Asher noticed an abundance of vampire posters in the street. At the church, Silas met Moon-bert-unit (insert good name here), who liked to talk shop with Manfred, and gave him the bad news.

After some digging around, and finding an arcane scroll in the floor of the antique shop, the Party waited until nightfall to question the watch. The previous night, the watch saw a woman run in a panic, a drunk cause the watch to puke, and one watchman thought he saw a wagon parked in front of the antique shop, but it was gone later.

The next morning, watchmen showed up at the antique shop to arrest Michael, who had been accused of unlicensed witchcraft. At his trial, he tried to bluff the magistrate, who wouldn't fall for it. Ordering Michael to be put in the dungeon during an investigation, the watch found a large snake wrapped around Michael, which almost seemed to take orders from him. Boxing up the snake, they took Michael away.

Outside, Asher explained finding a bloodstain to Straus, the guard captain. Straus suggested that the vampire might be at fault, since the recent murders had involved violence, and finding bodies in unusual locations.

Silas and the Boccob priest went to look for magical assistance at the church when they saw an antique shop patron, round-bearded and bellied, walking with watchmen to the town hall. He said he was on his way to a personal matter, and didn't directly answer questions. The priests also ran into a watchman who wanted to elaborate on his story: it turned out that he was right about seeing a wagon - it was permitted to leave town two nights ago. The driver had a writ for nighttime commerce, sealed by the mayor of Featherwood.

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  1. DMMike's Avatar
    And another thing: let me know what your characters are planning on or looking forward to in the next session. It helps with plot writing.
  2. michael's Avatar
    Sounds like a cool setup.
  3. scottb's Avatar
    Hey Mike,

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner - it's been a heavy week. I've been waffling around with my character. Are we meeting at the same bat time, same bat place?
  4. DMMike's Avatar
    G's place. Check your email. It's gonna be an interesting game.