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Deities Wanted -- Apply Within

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I am starting a new Pathfinder world, and am opening it up for ideas for deities. If you wish to contribute any deity ideas, comment on this post.

This world is a ringworld, which makes it kind of unusual. The inhabitants experience 180 hours of day, followed by 180 hours of night. There are no seasons, although in many places it gets hot during the day and cold during the night, and different lands have different climates. There are millions of deities in this world, and none of them have complete command of their domain.

Have fun.

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  1. FrederickL's Avatar
    Just waiting to see what Gods you already have and I will submit mine soon after. I already have an idea. He's gonna be fun.
  2. Utgardloki's Avatar
    Unfortunately, my boss expects me to be at work 40 hours, every week. Plus an hour commute each way. It's getting old. But hopefully this weekend I can get some gods up here.
  3. FrederickL's Avatar
    No hurry. Just wanted to let you know. Have plenty of writing to do for meself anyway
  4. Utgardloki's Avatar
    Crardath, god of Wealth
    Crardath appears as a 46 foot tall cloaked and hooded male gnome with gold skin, platinum eyes, and sparse silver hair. He uses a bejeweled staff as a weapon, walking stick, and spell casting device. The bags hanging from his belt are full of money and treasures, and he always uses the best quality equipment.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Divine Rank: 4
    Domains: Earth, Law, Nobility, Trickery
    Home Plane: Acheron
    About 700 years ago, Queen Ryn replaced worship of Vorryn with worship of Crardath, the god of wealth. During her reign, wealth poured into the city, which became the capital of a great empire. As the laws evolved towards Crardath’s doctrines, most of this wealth found its way into the hands of those Crardath considers most worthy, the nobility. That is the nobility are those who know how to manage their wealth and not spend it foolishly, and those who squander their inheritance are no longer fit for their social station.
    Crardath is a gnomish god, but he is more popular with humans, dwarves and Halflings than he is with gnomes. He knows the secrets of the earth, and miners often set up a shrine and pray to him for guidance. It is said that those he favors are given special rituals and taboos that, if followed bring luck and wealth.
    Crardath is also a god of law, and of lawyers. He frowns on frivolous pranks, but approves of elaborate schemes to get wealthy, IF they work.
    The nobility is the most dedicated to his worship. The poor rarely see any point in worshipping him, unless they have reason to think that they might become rich someday. For this reason, he favors allowing those who prove their worth to move up in society.
  5. Utgardloki's Avatar
    Undrorlos, god of the Night
    Undrorlos sometimes appears as a bear, sometimes as a man, and sometimes as a bear-man with black bony plates completely covering his skin instead of hair. In man or bear-man form he wears a plum-colored loincloth and a necklace of teeth. His size can range from large-size to up to over 800 feet tall. He carries no weapons, using his bare hands, claws, and teeth in a fight.
    Alignment: Chaotic evil
    Divine Rank: 11
    Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil
    Home Plane: Pandemonium
    Holy Symbol: Irregular pentagon with a crescent and random stars carved on it
    Undrorlos wanders the night, causing trouble wherever he goes. Severe storms usually follow his path, and they may have unusual effects. When lightning strikes near a house where a woman carries a child, frequently that child becomes a sorcerer.
    Few people worship Undrorlos or seek his attention. The insane, the enraged, and the desperate may call on his wrath. His name is frequently used as a strong swear word. Some clerics seek out his power for their own nefarious ends.
    Undrorlos is banished from the world during the day, and therefore when the sun rises, he vanishes to his home in Pandemonium where he wanders his endless caverns waiting for the next night to fall.
  6. Utgardloki's Avatar
    Untrat, goddess of Architecture
    Untrat appears as a 360 foot tall slender female with straight, black hair. Half her hair is worn in a style that resembles a halo, while the other half is allowed to fall down to her waist. She has steel-grey skin, midnight black eyes, and a pair of white horns. Her face is long and narrow, like an antelope’s. She wears elaborate dresses and carries a 240 foot long measuring stick that she can also use as a weapon.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Divine Rank: 9
    Domains: Artifice, Community, Earth, Magic
    Home Plane: Nirvana
    Holy Symbol: Crescent with the open end facing up, and with increasing thickness at the bottom.
    Untrat travels the world, building things and teaching others how to do the same. She loves building tall towers or elaborate labyrinths, but the world is so large that one can travel for years without finding one of her creations. She built the city walls of Garkim as a favor for Vorrym, constructing them out of a perfectly transparent, slick-textured substance.
    Her holy symbol represents the Horns of the World, which is an arc that is always on the opposite side of the sky from the sun. Priests who reach a high rank learn the Secret of the Horns, which they do not reveal.
    Her worshippers are usually architects, engineers, or wizards.
  7. Utgardloki's Avatar
    Vorryn appears as a 170 foot tall male angel with blond hair, jade legs, and a silver right arm. He holds a spear made of crystallized light and parries with a silver short sword.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Divine Rank: 4
    Domains: Community, Good, Protection
    Home Plane: Bytopia
    Vorryn was the patron god of Garkim, and many were his adventures, and his heroic exploits inspired generation after generation of paladins for thousands of years. The city of Garkim prospered. And then he went off on a quest. He has not been heard from in 1,100 years, but he still answers prayers and grants divine favors.
    About 700 years ago, Queen Ryn replaced worship of Vorryn with worship of Crardath, the god of wealth. During her reign, wealth poured into the city, which became the capital of a great empire. But over the centuries since, the empire and the city have decayed, until now it is just a shadow of its former self, mostly given over to slums, with traders eeking out enough of an existence to pay the exorbitant taxes of the decadent nobility.
    Near the center of the city is a great cathedral built in Vorryn’s honor, which is still staffed by his clergy. There is a monastery with about a dozen students. A 24 foot tall statue of Vorryn stands in the middle of the grand hall, surrounded by shelves on which used to stand 70 angel statues of varying types. Those were sold about a hundred years ago for quick cash.
    Vorryn is still popular with paladins, monks, and lawful good clergy. As the economic situation in the city deteriorates, many citizens proclaim him as their patron deity. The current queen, Zelaya, proclaims equal devotion to both Vorryn and Crardath, although most people believe she favors Vorryn.
  8. Utgardloki's Avatar
    Unmos, god of the Dying
    Unmos appears as a 430 foot tall adult man with an angular build, almost skeletal. His eyes are black pits, and he has grey skin. He is usually surrounded by ghosts who recently died, and he guides them into the next life. He carries a lantern on the end of a staff, and uses a short sword as a weapon, which he can throw and it will return to him.
    Alignment: Lawful neutral
    Divine Rank: 9
    Domains: Death, Knowledge, Travel
    Home Plane: Concordant Opposition
    Holy Symbol: Lantern on the end of a staff
    Undmos guides the dead to their final destination. He is a judge of the dead, and on conversing with a ghost, can find out where the ghost belongs. He has the ability to force a ghost to accompany him, and he can enter any place, no matter how well guarded or secured.
    People usually only call on him for funeral rites. Those who wish vengeance sometimes pray to him to guide their enemy to an appropriate afterlife. Those who work with the dead, such as grave-diggers and funeral specialists, are most likely to have him as their patron deity.
  9. FrederickL's Avatar
    All right, I'll try to post one this week-end. Thanks
  10. FrederickL's Avatar
    Mornia, Goddess of Luck
    Mornia, or Lady Luck as she's also called, is a beautiful human woman. Standing at 16 feet tall, she's quite short for a God, but what she lacks in stature she makes up in power. With her dark hair waving and her laughing constantly, she is quite a sight. She's usually clad in white leather from head to toe and she sports a short, curved silver sword on each hip.

    Alignment: Neutral
    Divine Rank: 20
    Domains: Luck
    Home Plane: None
    Holy Symbol: Two six sided dice

    "Leap, leap over the chasm and pray to Lady Luck. She may roll the dice in your favor if you're bold enough."
    Jartam Thunderfoot, High Priest of Mornia

    Lady Luck is always traveling the planes and the mortal worlds, she rarely stays long at the same place, hence her lack of home plane. She likes to watch (and influence) great feats perpetrated by mortals and immortals alike. She always stays perfectly neutral in any conflict and may only answer to specific devotees from both sides. She actually has a twisted sense of humor and may grant a special "favor" for a short amount of time to a really devoted follower. No guarantee, of course. She has a slight weakness for rogues and their ability to just "wing it". She admires leaps of faith as well as leaps over a cliff and she is most likely to interfere with a mortal when he just throws his entire life to the blind forces of chance. Very few temples are dedicated to her and most of them are located in dangerous zones but most people pray to her regularly. Her temples may be found on an unstable cliff overlooking the ocean, at the base of an active volcano, etc... There are, however, many shrines on the roads and in private houses.