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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Waltz with Bashir

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I wanted to see this movie because of the interesting animation style more than anything. I didn't really know what it was going to be about, just some vague notions about the Isreali conflicts. The whole thing is subbed. I gotta tell you, though ... it was a hell of a downer.

It's one of those movies that's meant to teach something to the audience. The message that comes through is that no one is on the right side, we are all capable of attrocities. Even and especially the people that stand by and let these things happen.

The movie ends on a note that just really kills all urge to converse about it. Instead of animation, it runs a few seconds of footage of the aftermath a massacre. I wanted to be able to talk with my fellow moviegoers about the experience and what it meant to me, but I just felt like talking then would have been inappropriate. So my beau and I just left the theater in relative silence and drove home.

The movie does have a few good points to it. The animation is really cool, and there's a funny scene where an officer is watching a ridiculous German porno. Overall, the movie felt like Catch-22, if you've ever read it.

I give it: 2 stars

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 10:59 AM by GoddessGood

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