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Eberron Campaign: Loot!

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From the Journals of Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle IV:
Page #9
998-999 YK, 2nd Wir of Aryth – almost lunch time.
Aundair, on the road to Passage

After we brought down the deadly harpy archer we of course looted her for any treasure. What we found was an incredible:
  • A very good set of studded leather armour
  • An excellent bow that causes cold damage of some sort
  • Ten cold iron arrows
  • Ten silver arrows
  • Two magical arrows
  • Potion of curing
  • Potion of a Cat
  • A very nice cloak
  • A ring of dubious quality
  • A deck of, not so simple, cards. It was in a leather satchel and looked incredibly impressive.
The bard took the deck into his hands and pulled out ten cards. The first card he drew was of a scary looking wraith. Not a moment later a wraith appeared before him. All of us moved to assist our new companion and before each of us appeared our own wraiths. Lovely…this is the end I thought to myself as I drew my bow and notched an arrow. However, all the wraiths fled.
The next few cards seemed not to have any effect until another wraith card was drawn – with the same results as before. Again, more cards were drawn and I noticed a deed to a castle keep appear in the bard’s pocket.
Next, the ranger drew his first card and disappeared to somewhere we knew naught. The deck fell to the ground and the cleric took his turn. I am not sure what exactly he drew but after a while he stopped and passed the cards to Kahless.
Kahless drew a few cards and looked around before he spoke,” I wish our Ranger was here.” And suddenly the ranger was back with us. Kahless, drew a few more cards until he too was satisfied before he passed the cards over the warforged.
The warforged drew cards that resulted in it becoming stronger and faster than before. He also had a deed to castle keep as well. But from my standing position I was unable to see up that high as it was also standing and I have no idea where the castle keep was. The warforged handed the cards to me.
I drew one card.

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    Oh, thanks! Leave us hanging....
  2. cigamnogard's Avatar
    I thought it was a great cliffhanger!
    The card was - Know the answer to your next delema.
  3. nijineko's Avatar
    does that count for the gm too? ;D
  4. cigamnogard's Avatar
    I am waiting to use "it" when I am no longer DM'ing but it might be a nice TPK saver...