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The Path to Pathfinder

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Our DM, who runs a Savage Tide game has decided he needed to change the game. The power creep of the cleric and Wizard (at 11th level it becomes quite obvious of that) have overwhelm his fun in the game and he gave several ultimatums on how to fix that.
One was to go to pathfinder and keep the current campaign. The wizard and Cleric are skeptical to Pathfinder but they decided to read it and see if it would suffice. I began the process of redesigning my elf ranger/scout to fit the new rule set.

First off, I decided that Mikos should probably be a mobile elf ranger. Skrimage was taken out but I found that the new ranger can take shot on the run without prereq of dodge and mobility.

So his feat progression became:
Improve initiative,Point Blank (Bonus) Endurance (Bonus) Fleet, Precise Shot, Improved precise shot (Bonus) Vital Strike, deadly Aim, Shot on the run (Bonus) and improved vital shot.

Many Shot does not work the way it did in 3.5 and my elfs tactics were to run around the battlefield. The vital shot feats and deadly aim (Basically power attack for a ranged weapon) should make up for the skrimage damage I lost. The fleet gives me 5' to speed so my base is 35. If I need more, as a ranger could cast long stride to add +10.

His powers are slightly different now merging as a ranger. Wild empathy, Favored enemies (which now gives you + to hit AND damage Human, Evil Outsiders, constructs) Track, Favored terrain (Forest, underground,water) Hunters Bond (companions--this is the option instead of a animal--you basically give your allies your bonus on one favored enemy equal to WID mod in rds) Evasion, woodland stride, swift tracker and quarry (gives you +2 to hit on a single Fav enemy and confirm s all Critical)

I lose my scout abilities: Trap finding, uncanny dodge so I am no longer the trap finder in the group. Another player, who played a swashbuckler may take that role instead.

Because he is now a ranger, his wisdom (which was 10 before) becomes more important. I swap out his strength of 14 to wisdom and swap his intelligence of 12 to the strength. This allows his better spells, including a third level summon natures ally 3.

His magic items doesn't change much except his gloves of Dex are now a belt and his boots of elven-kind add to his acrobatics rather than stealth. The bane bow and other items remain the same.

With an increase in Hit points, the elf archer is different but better at attacking and consistent damage output rather than a bunch of dice rolling.

However, it is all for nothing f the cleric and wizard want to change their PC's and thus we change the campaign. I could go either way.

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