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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Ghost of a Chance, Part 1

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So we're back again, after a short jaunt through the first level of Keep on the Shadowfell's dungeon. We have a new site up at Obsidian Portal here. You can see the previous adventure logs there as well and some more details about the world that will get filled in as I have time and as more is uncovered.

Ominous Whispers and Fractured Sapphire's players didn't make it to this session. We focus on the plights of Nine Willows in Autumn (Willow for short), Gaias Valerius and Stalwart Second as well as their companions Senmai (Willow's handmaid and lover), Rami Tariq and Howls Justice. We find the party having just stepped through a small hole in creation and into the realm of the dead to escape their own certain death. With them they have two horses (one a familiar) and a small cart carrying Willow's luggage and the wasted corpse of Gaias' brother (a former enemy).

The party stepped through the small shadowland and into the Underworld to see a place not entirely unfamiliar. They stood in the Council Hall, but without its marble columns supporting a slate roof and the rows upon rows of stone benches. The roof here was thatched, the tall, narrow windows had been boarded up and the floor was littered with sleeping mats and low cots. On each lay someone sick and dying and among them walked people wearing strange, bird-like masks. The dais where the Council of Five sat in high-backed chairs was curtained off with stained white silk. Willow informed the group that these people were in fact ghosts suffering from the Great Contagion and the masks were designed to stave off infection. None seemed to acknowledge the presence of the newcomers until Willow and Howls Justice approached the curtained dais. One of the masked tenders told them it was off limits because the plague mad were kept there, restrained for their own good.
While the group discussed their surroundings, the tall stone doors swung shut and a large object was wheeled in front of it. The ghosts around them rose to their feet and started screaming for help and mercy. Footsteps on the thatched roof and the panic in the room led Willow to guess that the building was about to be set on fire. That soon proved true and the party endeavored to escape from the death trap. Stalwart Second ordered Gaias and Rami to break open one of the windows after the door proved too sturdy, and he and Howls Justice confronted three hungry ghosts that had broken free of their bonds in the uproar. Breaking through the window, Gaias and Rami assaulted the soldiers outside and removed a heavily laden cart from in front of the door. The trapped ghosts poured out of the window and door, trampling each other in their haste. Boosting Justice to the roof to deal with the soldiers there, Second gathered everyone together and led the party in a dash for the safety of the woods, they having only suffered a few minor burns.
Willow observed that the town appeared much different, less like the Three Oaks they had just left and exhibiting architecture more common to the Shogunate era. Second explained to the group that it would be wise to keep their power in check as they would be unable to regain their metaphysical strength until the party left the Underworld, although he and Willow disagreed on the proper explanation as to why that was. Willow, much frustrated, determined that attempts to determine their next destination or a heading out of the Underworld would have to wait until she relaxed thoroughly and recruited Senmai, Gaias and Rami for the effort. Second and Justice abstained and left the immediate area.

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