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Gaming today.

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Why do all these "new" renditions of classic games go so far from what I'm used to? Why does every company try to appeal to the mmo genrea as much as possible. I know those games are the 'whats hot' right now, but I play mmos for an expansive community, and tabletops because I actually like interpersonal actions. there is no way to convey across a monitor the sneer on your paladin's face when you say troll, or the subtle look of delight when the Solo finda a new piece of cyberwear. Emotes only go so far.

Tone, I'm a writer at heart, a storyteller, a weaver of the chosen world in which I play. if my raid in an mmo clears an instance, its already repopulated for later. if my adventuring party clears a lair, we now have a stronghold.

Sandbox. freeform, CHOICE, the ability to effect the world as a whole are the true sellingpoints of a tabletop. and until MMos have the ability to integrate these effectively, there will always be room for P&P games.

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  1. Redhand's Avatar
    I absolutely agree with you. I also play MMOs, but when I want a social experience I alwyas return to my p&p games. Thinking back on all the the fond gaming memories I have they nearly all involve p&p, conversely the most frustrating gaming memories I have all involve MMOs. For me anyway, that says something.
  2. MarshamSane's Avatar
    so true, and the most hooking part of a P&P is what an MMO will never have, your character actually changing the world.