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A Summary of the Ages

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The World is a wonderful place. Civilizations come and go; disasters strike, and the earth grows anew. Of the ages of people, there have been three. The first is largely unknown, the second lies mostly in legend, and the third is where they find themselves presently.

The first age was the time of the ancients. They ruled a glorious kingdom and enjoyed all the fruit of the earth. It is said that the ancients ruled over magic and monsters, that they were divine. These demigods gave birth to the dwarves and the elves, though these offspring were destined to live in their own lands.
The first age came to a close when the ancients fought amongst themselves, weakening their hold on the rest of the world. This weakness allowed the dragons to rise up, and burn the kingdom of the ancients to the ground.

The second age was the time of the elves and dwarves - the most long-lived of all races. By land, sea, and air it is said that the two races fought for dominance. Divine and arcane magics clashed, giving rise to wonderful creatures and terrible blights. In the end, both nations crumbled under the weight of war, and legends say that the dragons once again used their terrible might to put people in their place.

The third age is a time of birth and rebuilding. New races cover the country, though the elves and dwarves still hold their own lands. Between these races stand the humans, who emphasize cooperation over conflict. Trade is the force that binds the nations, and each becomes stronger for it.
War-torn lands lie largely undisturbed. Magic is used by people for good; monsters exist only where people do not go. This age holds great promise for prosperity - or potential for peril.

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