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Dawn of World

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After reading through Dawn of Worlds, I had to try this game. We picked up drawing pencils, a sheet of 3' by 4' paper, erasers, sharpeners, and tape to hold the paper to the table. There were 5 of us.

The first night we got comfortable with the rules, and began shaping the land. Very cool, if a bit slow going at first. By the end of the 2nd day, we had a detailed map of the world.

In short, the rules tell the player to roll dice to determine the number of points they get to spend in each round. Points are spent in creating the world measured in inches. In our case, each inch equaled 200 miles.

It was fun to put together, but we felt it was taking too long to fill the entire map. To speed things up we added extra points to our rolls, giving us more points to draw more areas at a time.

We got one of the rules out of proportion during the entire time we gamed, and it wasn't until the last hour of the 2nd night that we discovered our mistake. Actually, what we got wrong was how the main measurement at the core of the game worked.

The rules say that for every 3 points, a player can map out an area that has a maximum diameter of 1". We took it to mean that each 1" in diameter cost three points. The way we read it meant that spending 18 points would give us a 6" diameter area to work on. However, after careful reading, the rules actually just said 1" diameter area for 3 points. If we had followed that rule, then we would not have finished drawing the land by the 2nd night. We're were glad we misunderstood.

Our group consisted to varying degrees gamers with different styles. During play two players insisted on filling up the entire diameter of the areas they were working on. For a while, the map was spotted with circles of land resembling alien crop circles.

Another player had trouble measuring diameters and either kept drawing outside the perimeter or short changed himself by measuring the extra distance of a curved line inside the perimeter.

We really had a lot of fun creating the map. Even though we only made it through the first Age, we were happy with the results.

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