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Adventure Treatments for Future Players – Notes

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Changeling: The Lost

File this adventure under: Psychedelic Fae Nightmares, Psychosis,

Number of players: 3-4
Time for character creation: 1 hour
Number of sessions: 6-12 (possibly divided into two parts), 3-4 hours/session

Player materials:

  • 5-pp of handouts (supplied by GM) –per player

  • 1-p rules quick-reference sheet (supplied by GM) –per player

  • nWoD Core Rules (recommended) –per player

  • Changeling: The Lost Core Rulebook (recommended) –per player

  • 10 d10 dice –per player

  • Variety of colored gemstones (supplied by GM)–per player

  • Pencil and paper –per players


This adventure will be run entirely in its published form from the SAS The Rose-Bride’s Plight, which is a 2009 Ennie-Award nominee. If the players are lacking the requisite experience to play in this chronicle, then we will start with the equally excellent introductory SAS, The Fear-Maker’s Promise.

The blurb for The Fear-Maker’s Promise reads, This, the first SAS story kit for Changeling: The Lost, takes players' characters into the weirdly fantastic realm of the Hedge, where the terrors and wonders of the Fae lurk, and into the passion and courtly conflict of those who have escaped the Faerie lands and back into our world. They — and your characters — are changelings. Forever hunted by their former slave-masters from the Faerie realm, changelings face magic and horror every night in the World of Darkness. But on a night like this one, there is also a chance for real hope. The question is, what will your characters do to bring hope to the changelings?

A child is going to be sacrificed… or rescued. You decide.

The blurb for The Rose-Bride’s Plight reads, Broken oaths, betrayals and bitter memories have widened the chasm between the two Courts for decades, with each transition from Onyx to Emerald becoming an ever more frigid and hostile affair. In the past, fanatics on either side have taken overt action against their enemies and tensions have swelled. Members of the freehold fear that if something is not done soon, one party or the other will take drastic action and drive the freehold into a true civil war.

Or worse.

From amidst this turmoil, two levelheaded rulers have emerged and struck a time-honored bargain, pledging to unite their Courts with a wedding between two of their members. But it appears that someone isn't eager to see the decades-old hostilities so easily soothed.

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Updated 08-23-2009 at 12:38 PM by Tamburlain

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