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Against the Tides Adventure Summary

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Act I Summary:

Our brave adventurers made their way into the heart of an enormous kingdom and struggled to find a way to meet with the king. They discovered an arena in the middle of the city where they spent some time gaining renown and coinage by besting a band of goblins. After that victory, the arena master offered them a job, stating that he would pay for any young monsters that he might be able to train to fight. As the party headed out into the city, a man from a country village requested the party's aid in defeating a group of goblins that were plaguing their town. The party took on the challenge and made way to the small farming community.

After arriving at the town, the party realized they were deceived. The town's children were behaving like wild animals, the crops were booming, and it was clear that the Goblin's were not attacking, but instead searching the town for something. The mayor promised a Royal Marquis, a ticket to see the king, as a reward to ridding the town of the problem. He held back information, but was finally forced to reveal that some of the children in the town found a magic item and brought it back to the town just before the changes. Anyone near the object became covetous of it so they buried it. Soon their crops began to grow at triple their normal rate, however all of their children turned feral. The mayor was convinced to show the adventurers the location of the object, and even approaching it they were able to feel its pull and the intensity of its magical power. That evening a gaggle of goblins struck another home. The dwarven shaman slept on, dreaming of ale and bearded dwarven women, while the others went to investigate.

A large house on the outskirts of the town was being searched by the goblins. For some reason they had ushered the inhabitants out and were not interested in attacking the heroes, whom they clearly outnumbered. The group managed to communicate with a very large goblin and convinced them, with the aid of a couple of gold coins, to follow the party to the unusual object. The party of a human, a high elf, a wild elf, and 10 goblins made their way where the object was buried. The goblins quickly recovered it and ran off north into the hills. The adventurers followed until they made their way into a mysterious cave. Despite the compulsion to follow the mysterious object, the group held back in time to watch a spirit materialize and slay each and every goblin prior to taking the item into the vault and sealing up the enormous stone door behind it.

Stay tuned for Act II.

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