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The heat, the heat, the heeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat

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You know that time you set aside to prepare as a GM? Yea, and then it goes to heck and you end up scrambling last minute. There's no last minute in this heat. I'm taking a sweaty 5 minute break to blog this - its the only venting i'll get over the next few days except for work (ahhhhh, blissful AC).

Yea, so Dunstrand Rising, the big get-together, its gonna be perfect... yeah right. Forget this, i can't even think. I'll wing it like i do so many times.

Thats about it. My character will be retiring, with the group getting this big again, there's no reason for me to play a constant NPC. I will use that character for a story plot i'm sure. Not death, but i can take them out of active play in good interesting ways. Marriage, disappearance, kidnap. Anybody got any ideas out of the ordinary? I've done all those before, tried and true... but something wierd and interesting would be cool. Comment on this if you got a good one!

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  1. Farcaster's Avatar
    Yeah, I hear you on the heat. We tried to get an A/C, but I was completely thwarted. So, we're at a hotel for the next couple of days until the worst passes. It's highly worth it. This is just too much.
  2. Skunkape's Avatar
    Having lived in Florida most of my life, I've seen lots of hot summers. So far at least where I'm at, it's par for the course. The only time it really sucks is when we get a rain storm in the middle of the day that goes for an hour to an hour, then stops and the sun comes out.

    You get massive heat plus humidity and the air is so stifling that you can hardly breath!

    Course, I also have central air at my house, you don't live in Florida without it!
  3. cigamnogard's Avatar
    Heat - I wish, it was cold and rainy for most of the summer. We turned the furnace on more than the AC!
  4. templeorder's Avatar
    Well, its finally starting to cool here. I envy those of you who did not have to deal with it. The worst was when there was no air movement and things just go "stale"...