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Valen Antel - Adventure Night 2

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*Dm Notes

*This was our second night of running 4E. Most of the encounters were designed to allow those of us not use to 4E a chance to catch up.

Continuing from the previous week.

We welcomed the addition of a new player, brining a Warden to the group, and the total to 6.

*Since this was a 'training' session, i didn't want to roleplay all the players meeting eachother again, so the Warden took the place of our paladin, who was unable to attend.

Having dispatched the Kobold Wyrmpriest, our heroes went back to explore an area of the previous room, that appeared to be hiding something behind some fallen debri.

They cleared away the fallen rubble and found a long forgotten passage way leading into the darkness.

taking careful steps, the rogue learned how to move slighlently, and what happens when you fail!


Just when the passage way opened into a large room, the rogue, tripped and stubbled into a support beam causing dirt and rocks to fall to the floor. Everyone knew that if there was something ahead, it would be alert.

And it was!

Our heroes found themsevles face to face to with 3 Coruption Corpses. These vile creatures of the undead, not only have vicious attacks, but nasty range vomitting attacks as well.

In a short time the rogue was injured, but everyone worked together to protect him, as others restored his wounds, and returned him to the fight.

The group was smart, and did not engage these creatures at close range, especially when they discovered, that upon death, they exploded.

These beasts had been captured or corrupted in these caverns untold years before. Even in death, their hated for all life, and what their secret tortures might have been, was held in their sightless stares.

After a short rest, our adventures continued down a path that led deaper into the ground. After a short distance, the dugeonscape changed. Gone were the walls and corriders of quick excavation, and in their place, grand tiles, faded in color, but still showing their craftmanship and artistry.

The rogue, protected by the Warden this time, scouted ahead, and found a room, again ornately tiled, with a single pole placed from floor to ceiling in the middle. Takeing care, he discovered the traps on it, and disarmed them, revealing a hidden treasure above. That of a Yellow Amber, the size of his hand. Needless to say, it also glowed magical, as did the staff, and both were taken by the party, with the theif...excuse me...rogue, taking the gem.

Exploring futher a large room was discovered. Lined with rotted skeletans, in aincient pitted armor. The heroes were a bit on the cautious side, making sure that the skeletans truely were just that, and slowly made their way through, taking care to protect one another each step.

Beyound that...a great room. Very ornately designed, with candalabres that flared to life when they entered. In that room, was a single Sarcophogus, and a cauldren. Runes of warning and protection were old and faded surrounding the sarcophogus.

The Cleric feeling rather brave, approached the sarcophogus and removed the lid, revealling the bones of some long forgotten soul, dressed in armor, with a sword, jewlery and and a crown. Taunting death, the cleric took the crown from the head, and swung it over his body, but nothing happened.

At that time, the rogue, approached the sarcophogus, and with a sudden flair from the gem the body sprang up, took the crown, and unleashed a blast of energy that knocked all our heroes away. Many of them had been reduced to near death by the first attack, but they quickly recovered and mounted a valient defence.

Realizing that even though he was more powerful then these heroes, he was sorely out numbered, and after years of lieing in wait, Maulathias was not about to be defeated. Taking one last blast with his power at the defiling cleric, he destroyed him, body and soul, called the gem to his hand, and disappeared in a misty cloud.

There was nothing that could be done for their friend, the cleric, and finding nothing else of interest, our heroes, returned to their homes, in Talverberger to start telling their tales.

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