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Im not sure what to say in here really. I guess I can tell you about my Gnome Sorceress named Karanym who currently is drifting on the open sea towards some .Island or other in the forgotten realms (i can't remember which one) attempting to help her party sneak into a big big prison so they can free an innocent man before he is hanged and then prove that the real guilty party is guilty. Intense stuff.

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  1. Thriondel Half-Elven's Avatar
    that is intense! lol. Do you like the Forgotten Realms?
  2. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    Nice idea. Rescuing the wrongfully accused can be quite common in my WFRP games. Glad you do it in DnD.

    Be sure to leave us details on the campaign in your blog so we can all follow along, SuccubusQueen. Cool name, BTW.