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Power gamers

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The Power Gamer, great god of war, master of nuking the ever living Zeus out of boss mobs, speed looter of corpses, ruiner of game sessions? Most DM's will agree that any good Power Gamer worth his salt will at any given moment destroy a combat challenge in a few rounds, but does this mean the power gamer is ruining the gaming session? I'm conflicted in this question. Some times is fantastic to see the raw power of a player with enough guts to push aside the idea that D&D characters have to follow some form and just go straight for skills/feats/items that will increase dmg and surviviblity. Should someone be disliked because he/she can hit everything in a 4x4 area causing critical hits then taking a five foot step and repeating the process? I think this can best be answered by answering it with another question. Does this style of play ruin the fun for the other players? There is nothing worse then playing a 3.5e bard and standing around shooting off 1d8+2 dmg arrows while the shadow dancer/rogue/weapons master is taking all the glory by basicly ripping everything to shreds. Sometimes as a player its nice to be the one who saved the day for the group from a dangerous battle encounter. Some people will argue "Not all of a D&D adventure is done with blade and magic, there are times when you need to use skills and press info out of npcs." Very true these are all part of the adventure, however when you really get down to it, you feel like you've shinned the most in my opinion when you are fighting. The only solution I've found to the power gamer is this. Pull them aside and ask them to let the other players help them burn the monsters to piles of ash, because the only thing greater then feeling like you've saved the day for the whole party is feeling like you as a group worked together to over come the challenges.

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