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Game Session 20

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We picked back up with the party having just fought off Drelnza. Having managed to find the hidden compartments of the dias, and find that she is restoring her body inside the coffin. Not wanting to take any chances in having to fight her again, they both put a wooden stake through her heart and sever her head from the rest of her body. The head is then placed up on one of the platforms by a door that enters the room.

Now they get down to checking things out. Since there was no evil detected on the brass cage, Hockerbrecht picks it up to inspect. As soon as he does so, a Black globular creature with ray-like tentacles appears and attacks him. Not realizing that since he still held the cage while wielding his sword, the creature continued to focus it's attack on Hockerbrecht. Those that were close enough, came to Hockerbrecht's aid and helped fight the creature. Again, they find that they are fighting a creature that is not easily hit, but with enough of them causing damage, they are finally able to defeat. Even in death, the creature is still able to fight and explodes causing 22 points of damage on all of the party, since they were all within range. The explosion catches them off guard, but luckily nobody ended up down to 0 hit points. To be safe, they don't touch the cage by hand, but do manage to get it into a large sack. They weren't sure if another one of those creatures would appear if someone grabbed ahold of the cage and figured, "better safe that sorry". Of course this meant that Dunil couldn't get a close look at the tiara, necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a ring that were inside the cage.

Dunil isn't totally out of luck though, for there are many other things to be obtained. Her eyes were quickly drawn to a crystal bowl that is filled with various stones. Having already previously rolled up the 2 carpets and tucked them away, she goes to work on securing the bowl and it's contents, while the others were carefully stowing the brass cage, which they are sure is the Prison of Zagig.

While fighting Drelnza, Weslocke at one point used the hand from his Bigby's Crushing Hand spell to obtain the lanthorn that was hanging by a chain. Once the hand got it, he had it place it on another one of the platforms. This was done so that it would be up where it wouldn't get broken. Now that the fight with Drelnza is over, they are sure that it is Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn.

With 2 of the 3 items located, they now turn their sights on the 7 books that were at the one end of the recess that also holds the coffin, and hope that they find the third item. As they look at the titles listed on the spines, they find the following books.

Manual of Bodily Health
Manual of Gainful Exercise
Manual of Quickness of Action
Tome of Leadership and Influence
Tome of Clear Thought
Tome of Understanding
Demonicon of Iggwilv

Seeing the Demonicon, Weslocke picks it up and debates as to whether or not he should open it. He states about the spell possibilities that could be contained inside. After a short debate, it is decided that he should at least look in the book and see what is contained inside. As soon as Weslocke opens the book, another globular creature with ray-like tentacles appears, only this one is silvery. Once again, the fighters join together to fight the creature along with the 2 mages. With what happened in the first fight, Hockerbrecht, along with Bennedict, Cathartic, and Dunil, manage to get up to some platforms to be out of the way of the blast that they are presuming will eventually happen. Meanwhile, Weslocke, Veda, Arocken, Ethelrede, and Flemin are down battling the new creature. Of course, since Weslocke opened the Demonicon, the creature focuses its attack on him. Unkowingly, by Weslocke standing in one place he ended up shielding the other books that whould surely be ruined if the were to be hit by a blast like the last time.
As the battle continued, Veda unfortunately rolls a 1 on the attack and manages to give herself 15 points of damage from the staff of striking that she was using. Other than that, the fight went well for the party, until the creature exploded like the other one did after being destroyed. Now this wouldn't have been so bad except that this one gave Flemin, Ethelrede, Arocken, Weslocke, and Veda 24 points of damage each. The down side was that this now brought Veda to -14 hit points. Upon realizing this, they start to devise a way to resurect Veda. Now Cathartic has a scroll with the spell on it, but they are wanting to be away from the vampire's body before trying to use it. They didn't want anything to happen and allow the vampire to be healed also. So they gather the books and a couple other items and using the map that they aquired, make their way out of the caverns.

Happy to finally be on the way out of the caverns for good, they rest at the bottom of the 900 steps that lead to the upper caverns. After climbing the steps, they rest again before continuing on. They use the boat to get back to the first beach that they had been at. At this point they notice that on the boats bow, the word shrimpkin is not on it, like it was in the picture in the first red marble passage. Hoping that they could take the boat with them, Cathartic says, "Shrimpkin" and they are amazed to see the boat shrink down to a size small enough to be put inside a pocket. Saying it again, brings it back to normal size. They shrink it down and take it. Continuing along, they eventually make it back up to the entrance where they left the horses, of which they were expecting to find dead or close to it. Much to their surprise, the horses and the wagon are no longer there. As Dunil searches around, the various items that they left stashed there are found to be missing also. Appearently, someone else has found the entrance too. They assume that it was the Drow.

Pulling out the map they recieved from the Margrave, they are able to make their way back to Gnomevale. Arriving there, they find the lock on the building that the gnomes had given to them still there and locked. Before resting for the night, Cathartic uses the Resurection spell from the scroll on Veda. They are all glad to see that it is successful!

The next morning, they go to see what they can do about stuff. They are able to get Hockerbrecht's bent magical sword fixed, although it did cost 3,000 gold. He also got the string replaced that broke on his crossbow of speed. He bought a couple extras to have, just in case. They also picked up some more trail rations, along with some new tents, horses, wagon and feed for the horses, and Arocken's bull that followed her out of the caverns. They then figure that they need to get to Bissel to see the Margrave about the artifacts they carry.

Once they get down on the road that leads toward Bissel, they are caught off guard by some of the party suddenly not being able to move. Just about as quick, more of them are immobilized. Next thing that they know, only Dunil, Cathartic and Ethelrede are still able to move, although by this time Dunil had used her cloak to become invisible. Next thing they know, there is about 100 Drow in heavy cloaks to shield them from the sunlight. With that many, one bumps into the invisible Dunil and is able to grab ahold of her. Another one is able to find the sack that holds the Prison of Zagig in Hockerbrecht's pack. Now one of them tells them to hand over the Lanthorn and Demonicon and they would be on their way. Cathartic takes out her glowing holy symbol (remember, the clerics had cast continual light on their holy symbols). The Drow counters by employing a darkness spell on the area. This gives Cathartic the cover needed to use the potion of flying and she surprises the Drow when she goes flying up out of the darkness. The Drow manage to fire some arrows but it only causes minimal damage. At the same time, Ethelrede uses his boots of flying and gets away also. With that the Drow leave with the one that did the talking saying, "We have one of the three artifacts. We can always get the other two at another time." Now it was starting to get dark and the party didn't want to be going through the wilderness at night. Especially if the Drow where still around.

They set up camp and discuss what they should do. It is decided that it would be safest to take the two artifacts to thier church for safekeeping. They don't want to show up with two items and have to tell of the third falling into the hands of the Drow, since they were told to not let any magic items be obtained by evil. It is decided that Cathartic and Hockerbrecht would take the Lanthorn and Demonicon to the church while the others made camp and watched to see if the Drow would return. While the other two were away overnight, the Drow didn't return.

Cathartic and Hockerbrecht fly back to the church at Bissel. They are greeted and the head cleric immediately takes Cathartic to his office. Here she turns over the artifacts, telling that they don't want to give them to the Margrave until they have all three, because of the Drow getting one. Cathartic is told that the Margrave has started a coup to put himself in reign of Bissel. Appearently, he was planning on using these items to do so. Cathartic tells of the party's plan to try and find the Drow's lair and take back the Prison of Zagig. The head cleric regrets that there is nothing that he can give her to help them on their new quest, since the Margrave showed up and took all the magical items that the church had just a couple of days ago, when he started his coup. Cathartic inquires if perhaps they could get some cure wounds scrolls. Especially if they can get on that can cure the damage that Dunil got from the clay golem. The head cleric said they will get ready what they can for the morning. The next morning, the two of them fly back to the rest of the party and inform them about the Margrave. Cathartic is able to use one of the five scrolls on Dunil and heals the damage from the golem. The other 4 scrolls that they were given are Cure Serious Wounds.

It is here where we have stopped the Tsojcanth campaign. Congratulations to the players for making it through. Now I will have to do some major work on creating Bissel and the Drow's lair, along with anything else that I may see fit to throw at them as well.

To Be Continued...........

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Updated 09-03-2009 at 03:44 PM by cplmac

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  1. Aeval's Avatar
    Arocken can not believe that she can not move. The drow surround them like a large living trap. She tries to move but can not. She feels her heart pounding hard within her body. She hates this, not being able to move. Not being able to do anything about the situation. She looks over the sea of dark faces and her eyes connect with his. She knows its him. She can tell the subtle differences. She has been tracking him, as surely he was tracking her. His gate is that of the one she followed. His movements just like she had seen before. He moves with a grace that the others mock in their own strides. And he has bested her at the game. How had she become so slack in her skills? He surely is the better ranger. Her eyes look into his light ones, looks deeper, and something tinges her soul. She knows what her goddess had said, so long ago. At least she thought it was her goddess.. It..
    Is he looking at me... is he seeing me? Why , why is he looking at me? Are they going to kill us? Will he come over to me and slit my throat. Since I have lost our little game? Will he come over here and gloat in my face. Will he kiss my cheek then stab me in the back. (her face turns red). God, they are going to kill us. (She watches him and the group. And when they start to leave) What are they doing.. the left us alive? This makes no sense.. if they are evil. Why did they not kill us? Why....
    Perhaps there is some good? Perhaps he ...... Perhaps our little game is still on....

    (Please let me know if you want to do anything with that drow that i wouldnt know, or etc)