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Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 5]

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We had a new character join the party this week. The original DM finally got his schedule in order and is able to rejoin the group. He's playing a Dragonborn Paladin named Edric. So we had to go through his introduction this week. I went with the old standard of having the party rescue him. I gave him some information that is useful to the players as well, just to make sure they had a reason to keep him around.

As Miabe walked to the monastery with the others following behind, she came across an unusual sight. There was a dragonborn with rent armor and blood trickling down his sides, being chased and attacks by a pack of wererats and giant rats.

Alerat and Miabe hesitated, unsure of what they should do. Fez knew trouble when he saw it and leaped in to help the dragonborn. After seeing Fez go into action the rest of the party quickle followed.

The rats proved difficult foes, it took the party a while before all of them were beaten off of the dragonborn. He thanked the party for their assistance and introduced himself as Edric. He said he was attempted to get into the crypts below the ruins but the rats chased him away before he could get in.

Edric and Thadius were ready to press on and attempt to reach the ruins again. With everyone's help it should be much easier to get through the wererats. Miabe and Alerat wanted a short break before continuing, so it was decided that they'd return after a break.

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