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Wrapping up the Claimants War

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So as I said last time this blog entry will be about how I wrapped up the story arc of the Claimants War. Now remember that I used this story line to transition from 2nd to 3.5, kind of what are the old characters up to know sort of thing.

What I did was had the current group of players run little side missions and do what adventurers do best, cause havoc where ever they go. From deliver missions, to strategic personnel strikes, to one of my favorites shoot the general of their side with a magic arrow at a certain location and time so he can fall madly in love with the opposing general of the other side whom was shot with a similar arrow. (Ah the conversations of spells to be used on that was funny.) So I wanted to make sure these guys had a vested interest in the war and its outcome. I also wanted to make sure that they were able to contribute to the effort itself and not feel left out of high end powers dominating the conflict, thought the NPCs did anyways.

In the end I story boarded the elimination of Stephan and Eron, both in seperate conflicts, both taken out by the same person, Gui. The First was a capture and execution, while Eron was the whole getting the band back together schtick and having the epic throw down, where a couple characters died on both sides but in the end the story telling was grand and befitting their deeds.

What my players got to do though was strike at the last strong hold of the Uprising and the last surviving instigator of the War Eron's lover and soon to be mother- Patricia LeCroix. The were teleported to the site and through the use of the Travel Domain Dimension Door through a wall. Their mission was to get to the front gate and open it and clear a path of anything nasty as the Lords of the Estate wanted it back and they were leading the charge in with a surprise of their own. The group's secondary mission was to cut through the main house and cut off one root of escape for the Lady LeCroix. My players jumped at the chance as they stormed through the mad house fighting undead, and mercenaries along with a few demons to mess with them... mmm Chaos Hammer and Reverse Gravity will beat on any Paladin.

When all was said and done they got lucky to cut cut of Lady LeCroix and the newborn heir to throne. They were soon confronted by The two Archmages Phalen and Amaranth. Both of whom want the babe destroyed to save the Kingdom. Through much Roleplaying and diplomacy rolls the party slowly convinced the two angry old guys from doing the big picture right thing and convinced them to take said babe and place it somewhere else in the world and make sure that he would never know his true heritage or have any inclination to come back to Esurdia.

Everyone had a part and they all did the the right thing though with a cost. Phalen anounced that he was finally going to leave the world in 10 to 20 years as his job was done. Amaranth had to make a deal with Toven as all the Immortal watchers banded together to obliterate the Great Red Aethelstranix, a scary eigth on one fight that took place over the skies of the Vos Sea, the sea that boarders southern Esurdia and the Drakvos Coastline. The Deal was he would ramp up is removal of the world and relinquish his land to the apprentice of Phalen, and Amaranth's Apperntice would have to allow the replacement of Aethelstranix to move into the isalnds of Esurdia, to keep balance.

It set he mood for the end of the War, with it's plethora of marriages and bequething of titles and such. It also left uncertanty to the world as the players realized that the Royal High mage and Amaranth looked similar if not the same age. For Amaranth's plan was to make a special clone of himself to be raised with out the emotional and physical abuse he had experianced so long ago and to have him take over as his replacement. The plan work to a point as the boy was so atuned to magic that he was able to read and memorizes spells at the tender age of seven.

So ends the Claimants War. I not sure what to talk about next about my little sandbox of hopes and reams but I am sure something will come to mind sooner or later.

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Updated 03-14-2010 at 05:31 PM by deathboy

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