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The Brooding City Ch 7 Temple of the Hungry Eye Prt 2

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The story opens with Garrit trailing Ikam Vass, since his escape. He make sit to a decrepit boarding house and enters, only to find the carnage of man on a candle lit table with his brain eaten out. Garrit finds a note with Ikam who is sorry to have missed him. The note's postscript indicates he had left overs in the pantry of the house. Garrit was relieved that the woman bounded in the pantry was still alive if not hysterical.

After alerting the local watch, Garrit deduced Ikam should be somewhere nearby to observe his reaction. He sends his dino to track and sure enough comes upon a small boy eating an apple. Garrit realizes as the boy speaks to him that it is Ikam (possessing the boy). He is impressed by Garrit's intelligence and offers to help him should he get closer to capturing him in the future. He warns that their is a greater danger than him in the City that he should be concerned about. With a maniacal laughter the boy is released not realizing what had happen.

Returning to the Red Brick Garrick finds the battered Srieska and Professor Gray returning from the temple. After related their stories they agree to return to the temple and see if they can find evidence of Nathaniel's fate.

The group makes it back through the secret passage in the temple to the walled grave yard where they open the single crypt that leads down a flight of stairs. They enters a slimy cavern system and travel north. They reach a iron ladder leading down into a stone cut chamber.

Below they found a circular chamber where crates of items are stored. In the center they see many chains dangling from the ceiling. At guard around the circumference of the camber were three Insect beings with battle axes. Professor Gray descended and hid in the shadows to attempt and search the crates. To his surprise, a humanoid figured wrapped in chains descended from the ceiling, lowered by the chains themselves and walked to an open crate. He pulled out book and flipped through the pages, some of them fell out and tossed the book back on the collection of items strewed on top of the various crates. Professor Gray recognized it as Nathaniel's' Journal.

Determined to get the journal, Garrit descends and moves quietly towards the journal hoping to get it by stealth. Unfortunately, the Insects felt his vibrations and click a warning.

A battle commenced with the three insects, and the Kyton against Garritt, Sreiska and Professor Gray. After many blows, the group defeated the enemies and discover some gems and the journal (but unable to decipher it).

Hoping to discover the fate of Nathaniel, the descended further into the chamber, deactivating a trick stair trap and emerging into a large slave pit with Large cages filling the chamber. Walking above were more insect warriors. The creatures begin to throw javelins at the group so Garrit charges into the chamber, only to have the door of the pit cages open on him and send him and his dino into a pit. The door closed and he was trapped. Srieska ran to attack the other insect and slashed it hard but was bull rushed into another one and slam tight.

Professor Gray quickly made his way to what appear to be a control booth and began battling a dual sword welding insect. After a vicious battled, causing the professor to fall and Garrit and Srieska trying to open up the cells, the creatures fell to their blades and spells. But one had escaped to warn others, and the group may a mad dash to escape the way they came. Bloodied, drained, but alive they escape the temple and recuperate back at the redbrick. The professor discovers the key to decipher Nathaniel's Journal and learns Professor Spalanzti and his daughter are some how connected to Nataniel's disappearance.

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