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Introducing "Saucy" Rogur Kalor, ladies' man

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Self-assured to the point of arrogance, Rogur earns his nickname from his wandering eye and unquenchable thirst. Apprenticed at 7 years old to a merchant captain in the port city of Imareska, he's been on the sea for so long he can't remember any other life. Rising to first mate of the sloop Jewel of Imareska, he seemed destined to take over as captain until the ship was sunk during an attack just as they left port. Swimming back to shore, Rogur fled and begun trying to rebuild his life. He is his own worst enemy, though, seeming constitutionally incapable of passing up a pretty face or a rumor of treasure. Unless he passes a tavern along the way.

He carries a flask embossed with the standard of the Jewel of Imareska, the only possession he managed to retrieve from the ship. More often than not, the flask is empty, but Rogur never passes up an opportunity to fill it with any number of interesting substances. Rogur prefers his encounters to be close, personal and if possible, involving members of the fairer sex. His grin is easy, and his purse rarely has more than a few coins. Disrespectful and cocky, he has no patience for formality or "10-stater words".

Rogur is deeply distrustful of magic, since the Jewel's wizard, hired specifically to protect her from attack, knew only low-level fire spells, which were useless as the attacking force simply reached into the water with a bucket and quenched the flames. He is frantic to resume the roaming lifestyle he once knew, and feels uncomfortable staying in one place for more than a few days.

As to what brings a sea-rat as far inland as Beilston Mound? The Jewel occasionally took on small deliveries of a sensitive nature for one client or another. Those transactions were invariably handled by the captain (not unusual in itself--most trade vessels carried out similar transactions), and all Rogur knew was that these packages were to be hidden carefully in certain secret compartments. No other crew were trusted with any knowledge of these packages, and the Jewel's master was careful to stress discretion to Rogur.

When she was sunk on her way to the Vodlaian Archipelago, the Jewel did have one such package on board, but Rogur knew nothing other than it was secured in a locked waterproof chest small enough for one man to carry--not unusual for antiquities, books, papers, or any valuable (and therefore taxable) or contraband item that the owner wished to escape the attention of Ministry of Trade.

It seems unlikely that cloth, spices, foodstuffs and luxury goods would attract the violent attentions of another ship, so Rogur guesses this secret package that was the object of the attack. After his escape and return to Imareska (a fascinating journey in itself, fraught with danger and at least one beautiful village shaman), Rogur discovered the vessel that sank the Jewel was called Fortune's Sword.

Roger profited from his frequent trips to Imareska's portside taverns. Although his moneybag grew rapidly lighter, he was able to contact some of the Sword's crew, and discovered that the order to pursue and sink the Jewel came from a well-dressed female representing unidentified interests in the west. She dealt directly with the Sword's captain, but after returning to port, she was seen departing down the Yu bound for points west.

It took Rogur a while to scrape together enough funds to book passage himself and continue his investigation, which eventually carried him to Beilston. He had been investigating for several days before the approach of the rainy season forced him to make a choice: evacuate to the countryside or retreat to Beilston Mound, where the more powerful made their residence.

As someone once wisely noted, "There's not a lot of money in revenge." Now nearly out of funds, Rogur is keeping his eye open for any job that will pay the bills while he continues his search for the mysterious woman.

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