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Valen Antel : the Pittbull

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Tucked away in the shadows, or rumored to be hidden in another time or dimension, lies the fantasical tavern known as THE PITTBULL.

Run by an old dwarven warrior, named Ringo, the Pittbull offers heroes from all walks, a place to relax, let loose, and even find a little more adventure.

The painting above, is one I did, long ago, to memorialize some of the best players, and characters that took part in Valen Antel.

Pictured above, are some of the original heroes of Valen Antel. From Left to Right :
Solitair (an Elven Cavalier), Jack (a Giant Fighter), Ace (a Gnome Magic User), Tosha (an Elven Fighter/MagicUser/Theif), Krattalak (a Dwarven Fighter), and Ringo (an old Dwarven Dragon Slayer *retired*).

Background: I first started using the Pittbull in Valen Antel in 1988. It was modeled after other taverns of its time, such as the Vulgar Unicorn, and the McDonalds on Deva. Although it started as 'high fantasy' over the years, it has 'devolved' as my gaming style as 'evolved'. You won't see dragons sleeping in the corner or Elric playing dice anymore (what kind of DM what do that anyway, right), but you will find information that you just might not get somewhere else.


Not just anyone can enter the Pittbull, however. You have to find an entrance. They are scattered throughout the world. Rumor has it, that if you look in the shadows just on the edge of your vision, you might be able to find one.

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