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Valen Antel - First Nights Adventure

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Finally a full fledged 4th Edition game...lets see how it went:

* Dungeon Master Notes

SETTING: in the village of Talaverberger in the West Shore Province.

INTRODUCTION: After years of listening to all the old adventures tell their tales in the villiage in (The Blue Anvil), our heroes have decided to set out to make their own tales, legends. Years ago, they found a hidden tunnel leading into the ground while playing in the old Harlen Ruins. After taking care to hide their discovery, they left it until they were able to return, and see whats down there. That time has come, they returned, but something has dug its way under the rock they covered the tunnel with. They now know for certain, that there is danger below.

* I don't like to start out a new group of strang players, with the old ... who are you, what are you doing, and try to roleplay them all finding one another and getting to 'trust' one another. Its much better to just throw them into the fray, and then over time, let them roleplay becoming friends.

The Adventure:
Journying into the tunnels we quickly came upon a small party of Kobolds standing guard in an empty room. They were rather easily dispatched, before they were able to warn any others that intruders had entered the dungeon.

* The players encountered 4th Edition Kobolds, some for the first time. After doing more then 20 points of damage to them, they quickly learned that these are the kobolds they remember. I have always liked Kobolds, and am glad that they have a little more strength to them now.

Discovering numerous exits from this room, including one hidden passagway (* Love Passive Checks ), our heroes chose by chance, the fastest way to the Kobolds boss. Taking care to manuvere closer, upon what appeared to be a digging team, they were able to gain surprise, and again bring the hurt to these evil little freaks.

The Paladin Charged, attempting to take the brunt of the damage, and attract the most attention, and succeeded. The Bard was able to affect every enemy in one way or another, making himself not only effective at damage, but in becoming a nuisance to the kobolds as well. The Rogue, got in his deft strikes, and was able to take out his share, but at the same time took more damage then he wanted. The Cleric and the Druid were able to both use their minor actions to aid the party, and their powers to hinder the monsters as well, while the Warlock through curses, and spells around with little care as to who they were aimed at.

Then...the Wyrmpriest crawled out of a hole in the center of the room, took up position a bit away from the battle, and at his first opportunity breathed flames upon the Paladin, and Rogue, wounding them both.

Having now received the full attention of the paladin, the Wyrmpriest found himself on the end of every attack that could be thrown at him. He feably was able to heal his followers once more, before falling dead to the ground.

His Dragon Shields fought on valiently, but in the end, it was just a matter of time. Between the Jinx from the Bard, and the Winds that knocked them down from the Druid, it didn't take long.

*This was a fun little battle to run. You have to love a Kobold that breaths a Blast 3, has a Minor heal action, and other fun little powers. He makes a great leader for a small group of Kobolds, and a perfect challenge for new 1st level adventures. Not to mention how much fun it is to see the look on some players faces, when he Breaths on them. To have made this challenge a bit stronger though, I might have added some more low level kobolds. Not neccesarily minions, just some more protection for the Wyrmpriest. As it was though, 2 of the party got bloodied, and thats about as much as I would like to put on a first time group.

After the battle, they found an old coffin in the hole they Kobolds were digging. One the Wyrmpriest they found a Scarlett Orb, and a scroll. Of course there were other mundane items of note on the other Kobolds

* For the future, i think i will have to change the packets monetary items to small items worth the same amount. I hate giving out 100 GP from 8 kobolds...but if they found a small wrist band on the leader, that turned out to be an antique silver necklace worth 100 GP, that would be more memorable.

Opening the coffin, inside they found the remains of a very old skeletan, turned to dust, along with everything burried with him, except for 1 ring, and the fragile remains of one book. Even with care, the book quickly dis-integrated with the Paladins touch.

After that they explored the Wyrmpriest, to discover the Orb to be of some power, and the scroll to be a ritual of preservation! Probably intended to save the book for transport.

*it always works that way doesn't it. I'm still working on getting to know all the powers, and rituals in the books, but from time to time, i will draw more upon my imagination then the rules. As a whole though, i will attempt to align everything with something of equal power in the core rule books. For now though...they will need to learn what a Ritual of Preservation is.

After disposing of the Kobolds and with evening setting in, the heroes chose to continue their adventures after a short rest...

...to be continued.

*3 hours, and 2 Encounters. Worth about 150 XP a peice, and lots of learning experiences.

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