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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Dolling, Again.

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Been a while since I made these, actually. I just hadn't noticed that I didn't post them.

The first is Stalwart Second, a Zenith Caste Solar in my Exalted group. The challenge here was sizing his head down for his body. Second is meant to be a rather tall man and the style of animation is such that heads tend to be larger than in real life. This gave the impression that his head was bigger than his entire torso and just wouldn't do . I recolored and added in a horse for him. Also, the armor he's wearing is taken from a screenshot and not from the candybar doll database of possible clothing. Nothing they had looked remotely like I wanted it to and I wasn't up to the challenge yet of creating my own. I added small touches like graying the coat of his horse and ended up drawing in his beard free handed.

The second image is of Nine Willows in Autumn, one of the Twilight Caste Solars in my Exalted group. She's supposed to be about 4 1/2 feet tall, but she has a tall hairstyle and is wearing geta sandals. She wears traditional Japanese style garb and a scholar's pillbox hat atop her head. A lot of subtle details went into this one that just won't show up, like the gold makeup she's wearing or the small netsuke attached to her obi (it's a raven). Her hands are held that way because I'd meant for her to be carrying a largish tome that I can't seem to get to look right. I'll repost it later if I can. I'll be making these more as we start the campaign back up again.

Edit: And just for giggles, the cast that I've made so far, assembled in a rather highschool yearbook looking shot.
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Updated 07-18-2009 at 09:46 AM by GoddessGood

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