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Zombie Apoc. Part 4.

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So hopefully you have read the first three parts leading to this one. If not then go ahead and read them. If you don't want to then...idc? Please rate this, or comment with opinions. I like critics. Oh and if you HAVE been reading...You thought he was dead didn't you? MUAHAHAHA.

I have never been knocked unconscious in my life, but since I've been to Canada it's happened twice. It's not a great feeling getting beaten until you can't see. So my left leg is broken, and everything hurts. My face is swollen a most attractive purple-y orange color, with crusted blood coming out of my nose, and each eye. I wasn't sure why at first but they shaved my entire head. I found out later they did it to cut up my scalp and further scar me. The hung me up by my neck and wrists. If I stopped holding myself up with my arms the rope would pull on my neck and suffocate me. Sick bastards...

When they realized how long this would take they started stoning me. One hit me square in the eye, another in the broken leg, a few in the ribs and stomach, my neck seemed to be a favorite target. The executioner who put me here was punching me in the kidneys. I was boned. I was so terrible boned. Then that kid. The one who shot me before shot the glass around the dome with this M4 Carbine that I still to this day have no idea how he got. He blew a piece of glass right out of the dome. Naturally this is stupid when your underneath said piece of glass....which crushed and sliced and killed him in some vicious spray of blood leaving a twitching arm and jawless, glasses lined, face staring up (kinda. One eye was off to the side.)

Now I'm in pain...but everyone is silent. Stones stop being one is quite sure what to say. Someone walks over. A farmer I had hardly spoken too named Randel. Walks up to Frankies corpse and pulls the M4 out...right as he does the siren blares. Zombies have reached the glass, which started cracking. And I am certain I'm screwed. If the glass doesn't kill me, the zombies will.

Well luckily everyone ran inside for fear the glass would kill them and left me there. The glass had come down around me but the beam above me blocking any direct slices. A zombie then fell through the roof above me, slammed into the beam and broke it, which landed on my head and made me collapse some 4ft from the infected person in overals. He was slightly crippled and adjusting to his newly shattered limbs when the rednecks came running out of their huts guns-a-blazin'. I founda bit of glass and grabbed it cutting the binds on my left hand. The zombie looked at me and let a deep moan out. I started working on the binds on my neck when he started to crawl. Without realizing my immediate danger he was within 6 inches of my leg when another zombie fell through the glass and crushed him. His arm sticking out and twitching, clawing, and swinging just barely out of reach. I finally cut my neck binds when the zombie who just dropped in (get it?) stood up and let the one on bottom go. Two lucky shots saved my life there, as bullets ripped through the noggins of the zombies in front of me. Why anyone would waste ammo here to save my life is beyond me, but thanks anyway random gunman hillbilliy!

I had gotten all the ropes off. I had dragged myself off their makeshift wooden stage, and straight into the dirt. It was about here I realized I had nowhere to go. There was no way out with the glass shattering at every single slight step on it, and even if there was the dome is now surrounded by the undead. I'm kinda option-less. What I did know however is that I stand a much higher chance of survival if I hide from these hicks so I crawled myself away from the stage and underneath the same hut it had been when I first woke up in here.

I never noticed how stupid these people were, that they figured me among the corpses of zombies and dead when they removed the bodies and got back to work on fixing the glass. Luckily the hole in the center of the dome was still there and the platform even stayed standing on the outside. I stayed under the medical building occasionally crawling up and out to steal supplies at night to fix myself up with. My leg hadn't been as bad as I thought, just bruised the bone and not broken. It healed in a week or so. I had crawled through the dirt to other homes stealing clothes, and food and an empty pistol. I survived this way for a good long while, pooping in peoples yards just to mess with them.

I finally had the clothes, and the hat, and the strong enough leg to I just had to wait for the next siren to go off and climb up there just acting like one of the assaulting masses. Then make sure I'm the last one down and blast the ****ers as they crawl down the ladder back into their home. I'll set this whole place on fire...

My time had come. The sirens blazed. I crawled out the back of the hut andlimped my way up to the ladder behind 4 hicks. When we got up...I realized I had an EMPTY pistol. Not a loaded one. So what I did was grab the hick before me, turn him around, smash the side of his face with the pistol, then grab his little M1911, and shoot the other three hicks before sliding down the glass of the dome to a small unpopulated hole in the undead crowds. It was out here I noticed the source of the electricity for the medical supplies. A transformer that was sitting in a telephone pole was now dangling on the outside of the dome providing them power.

I shot the transformer which released a tiny blue spark, which did nothing. I limped away apparently unnoticed by the undead, too distracted with the dome. Which worked for me. Several feet away I turn and see the dome on fire. Smoke shooting straight into the sky. A helicopter flies overhead and lands in one of the nearby fields signaling for me to come to them. I limped and limped and limped...I was almost there! Freedom!

I swear 30ft. If they would have just dropped the f*cking thing 30ft closer I could have been on it and away. But no. One of the infected late to the party of the Crooked Creek Dome had crawled out of the tall grass and bit the leg of one of the gunners. The gunner flipped and started fireing everywhere, the pilot got scared and started to take off, I was fireing at the undead in the field. The helicopter got 60ft in the air leaving me to die when they kicked out Pvt. Godfrey who screamed the entire way down back to earth. It was his rifle I used to fend myself off from the oncoming hordes off zombies trying to attack a helicopter that isn't there. I discovered here that they only died from headshots. Godfreys ammo kept me alive for a nice long time that way. Just walking, shooting, sleeping in the trees. I wasn't sure where I was going but I sure wasn't going to stay there.

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Updated 07-18-2009 at 01:55 AM by Soft Serve

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  1. I Am The Walrus's Avatar
    You had better make a parts 4 5 6 7 8 and you know, over 9000.