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Goladith Story CH 1/PT1

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As he walked in to the tavern, Goladith looked around for an empty table. Not finding any he makes his way to the bar. He hails over the barkeep and orders a mug mead and a dinner plate. Shortly after a tall angry looking woman with long red hair and chain mail walks in and looks around. Spotting Goladith at the bar she storms over and sits down next to him. She looks over at him and says “Did you at least order me anything while you left me to tend the horses all by myself? Oh who am I kidding, of course you didn't.”Goladith responds “Why would I? I never have any idea what the hell you want Sand. I learned to stop trying.”
She waves the barkeep over and orders herself a glass of wine along with the stew special. Goladith asks her“Did you bring the packs in?”. “No, I didn't, was I supposed to play porter along with stable hand tonight too? Aren't you a gentleman.”Goladith just looks at her and shakes his head and jumps up and runs outside. Sandrena looks at the barkeep and says “Who says chivalry is dead?”with a wink.

In a tower five-hundred miles away, a dark elf is pacing back and forth in an antechamber impatiently. He has been waiting for over and hour when the man servant finally leaded him in to the tower master's chamber and announces him as Lord Quinsillious L'Culusanthas. He bows to the tower's master and says “Tower master, I must speak to you at once. I have received some disturbing news, I have heard that the armies of Sanlance have begun to recruit mercs and bandits as if preparing for a long war. Us magicians cannot risk such a thing happening at this point. It puts a lot of our kind and even many of our plans at risk of failing if open war occurs.” “Quin, I too have heard that, but it is naught but rumors and tavern talk. I wouldn't put much merit in to the stories. But since you decided it was important enough to bother me, and interrupt my day. I think somebody should investigate it, and since you're already here I think you should go ahead and check it out yourself LORD Quinsillious. Dismissed.”Quinsillious looks at the mysterious tower master and storms out of the room, pushing the man servant out of his way.

Back at the tavern Goladith and Sandrena finish their meal uneventful and head out to the inn across the yard and get a room. In the early hours of the morning they get woken up by a commotion in the yard. They get up and look out the window into the yard and see a group of people dressed in dark clothing fighting with the guards. Goladith looks over at Sandrena and says “Looks like it might be time for us to step in and see whats going on. The guards don't seem to be doing to well.”She responds “Well, lets go down there then.”
They grab their weapons and run down to the yard, when they get there they see the guards are dropping fast. They also see a few of the men are near the stables wrestling with horses. They run forward towards the men with the horses with their swords drawn. They catch the men by surprise and cut them down with ease. Goladith says to her “Take care of the horses, I'll handle the rest of them.” He runs off to the rest of the fight and ends it within a few minutes. Afterwards Sandrena jogs up and gives Goladith a smack on the back and says “Well, I checked the bodies of the few we killed trying to take the horses and I found these gold coins with what looks to be a foreign stamp on them.” He responds “Can you figure out what country they are from?” “Maybe, if I can get a good close look at them with some decent light and a appraising lens. Then I could probably tell you the barony that minted them.”
After they get back up to their room they decide that they are too awake to go back to sleep now. So they pack up their gear and head over to the tavern to grab some breakfast and get an early start on the day heading out. In the tavern they see a few of the guards that were in the fight outside. They walk up and ask “Mind if we join you guys? We have a few questions we are wondering about.” “Of course you can, you saved our lives, in fact you meal is on us. Ask all you want to know.” The guardsmen reply.
After they finish their breakfast they decide to get down to business. Goladith asks the guardsmen “So, what were they here for? Did you have a chance to find out before it came to arms?” “They didn't say, we were on patrol when we came upon them and as soon as they saw us they drew their weapons and attacked.”One of the other guards spoke up and said “Well, I did notice that they were all woman. They didn't seem too professional either, they all smelt of a perfume that brothel wenches use quite frequently.” The other guards start to give him a hard time about the brothel comment and he replies back “You guys know I have a wife, I have only smelt that perfume on a lot of the drunks I pick up from the nearby brothels when they have issues.” “Yea, sure you did. We all believe that....We all know your wife is a frosty box and you're not getting what you should at home. Oh! I'm so sorry for such a crude discussion around you miss.” Sandrena responds “Bah, it doesn't bother me at all. I've said worse around the campfire with other adventures. I've slain my share of men and taken my part in many a vulgar conversation. Although I appreciate your consideration of me.”

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