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Scepter Tower of Spellgard [Part 4]

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This was the first session I've been in in a long long time where the party didn't really want to leave the Inn. They were all content to hang around talking instead of seeking action. Not a bad thing at all, just really unexpected. Fortunately they spoke with a bunch of different NPC's throughout, so I wasn't completely on the sidelines for the session.

Despite their injuries from tangling with the ochre jelly the previous evening, the party rose early and met in the common room. They were unsure of how to proceed.

Thadius felt certain that they needed to enter the Scepter Tower, the last standing structure in the ruins, in order to find Lady Saharel's ghost. He had no idea how to accomplish that. Prior to meeting up with the party he was asking some of the other seekers about it, they all said there was only one entrance which was kept under guard. That was all he could find. No one seemed to know who was inside nor what they were up to. Thadius suspected that there is a lower level to the tower and they may be able to find an underground entrance. He had no solid proof for this, just a hunch.

The party hadn't ever assaulted a tower before, and since they didn't have a lot of force they weren't sure how to go about that. So they started asking around to see what they could learn.

They started with Brother Turnagall. He confirmed that the only way to get in was through the front door. He had heard that it was locked and guarded, but liek the others didn't know who was behind it. He did mention a halfling seeker named Millek and his tiefling companion working on as scheme to get inside, and they might be able to help.

Alerat wandered over to ask the Millek and his friend, Rallio, a few questions. They weren't in a very good mood unfortunately. The guards in the tower would throw down rocks and fire arrows from the battlements at anyone that got withing range.
So they had spent the past several nights watching the tower and plotting an ambush. They spoke of dark creatures slipping out after dark, and returning just before dawn. They were apparently searching for something, once or twice they were spotted dragging pillars inside. Aside from when those creatures left and entered the doors remain locked. Alerat asked if they might want some help on their next ambush attempt, but was sternly turned down. Millek offered a warning that he should be inside after dark before he and Rallio went to get some sleep before the night and their next ambush attempt.

It was then decided that some first hand information was needed. So they set off to have a look at the tower themselves. They kept a good distance away so as to avoid being attacked. As everyone said they could see only one doorway in. Dozens of feen up on the battlements they could spot some windows, but it would be a difficult climb. The rubble in the ruins could offer them cover, but the distances between piles that were large enough would make sneaking up to the door difficult.

Since there seemed to be no good way to get into the tower from above, they decided to look into Thadius' hunch. Between the monastery where they are staying and the Scepter tower was the ruined remains of another tower. From the portion still standing it appeared to be similar in design to the Scepter tower. It seemed an obvious place to start looking for a means to enter the Scepter tower.

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