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Session 19

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As we got the group together again, the Minotaurs got to attack first since they had surprise. They caused some damage and fled, but not before the party was able to retaliate and had one of the bulls pretty badly injured. With that bull bleeding like it was, they agreed that a blind gulley dwarf would have even been able to track it. Following the blood trail into the labyrinth, they easily found the bull laying along the path. In hopes that it may lead them to the minotaurs, they healed the bull, and Arocken was able to befriend it (being a ranger). Of course, it just stayed with Arocken, who was able to use it like a horse, just as the minotaurs had. Now they had no trail to follow, so they start going and were doing their best to try and map the labyrinth. Next thing they knew, as they came upon an intersection, the minotaurs were waiting there in ambush. As they were running away after the ambush, Weslocke was able to get off a Magic Missile spell at one of the minotaurs. They decide to follow them and continue through the twists, turns, and intersections of the labyrinth. After another ambush, they manage to take out one of the minotaurs. Then they are lucky enough to go in just the right direction that they were able to surprise the remaining minotaur and hit it with ranged attacks and defeat it. Much to their delight, they find the second minotaur is carrying a scroll tube that has 2 pieces of parchment inside. Upon looking at them, they find 2 maps. One of the Upper Caverns and one of the Lower Caverns. Looking at it, they are able to use the several attempts to map the lower level and see that there is one passage that they hadn't been up and it leads to the same center room that the 5 that they have been in lead to. However, there are only 6 sets of doors shown and not seven. Weslocke gets one of the other parchments out and rereads it. He tells the rest that what they need to do is get back so that they can go to that 6th set of doors and they would be teleported to another 30 x 30 room. From that room, they just need to go to any of those 6 doors again and that should make the 7th set that they need to enter, thereby letting them get into the center circular room. Flemin agreed but points out that they first have to figure out how to get out of the labyrinth. It takes them quite a long time to navigate their way through, but eventually they go around one last corner and are elated to see the bluish glow at the end of the hallway. Stepping into the glow, they find themselves standing just outside the room that took them to the labyrinth.

Using their new found map, they easily come down around to the one set of doors that they haven't been through yet. Once again the golden flash upon opening the ebony door at the end of the red marble corridor transports them to a square room, but with the map, they are able to see what way will take them directly to the first doors that they found. This time when the ebony door is opened, there is no flash but they find themselves on a raised balcony with a fancy screen. Upon folding up the screen, they can see that they are in side a room that is in the shape of a sphere. Down in the bottom, there is a maiden laying on a marble dias, armored and holding a long sword. As they are deciding what to do, she sits up, passes a hand in front of her face, smiles at them and says, "My rescuers."

Drelnza manages to charm several of the party. The clerics are not affected as they recieve a mental message from their god, Pelor, to be wary of this lady. Luckily, the ones that are able to relieve those that are afflicted, and they are able to lift Drelnza's charm. This does however allow her to go after Cathartic and is able to make a successful attack, even though Cathartic's AC is -5. This renders Cathartics immobile, but fortunately, the -5 AC does start to help and Drelnza is unable to make another hit on the cleric. She does get a couple of shots at Hockerbrecht, when he comes to help protect Cathartic, and is able to give some damage out to Drelnza as well. Weslocke thought he had a good plan as to catch her, and used his Bigby's Crushing Hand spell. They were all happy when the hand appeared and was able to grab ahold of the warrior maiden that could run up the walls of this spherical room with no problem, but as it closed and started to crush, Drelnza assumed gaseous form and was able to slip out of the grasp and attack and deal damage to the giant hand. Using thier hand axes, both Flemin and Ethelrede throw them at Drelnza. When she would assume gaseous form, they would fall and slide back down the wall of the sphere. Arocken started firing her +1 arrows and little Dunil was staying invisible. With Carthartic immobilized, Bennedict was using all the spells that he could to aid the party.

As the battle with Drelnza continued, Flemin noticed a line that went around the top of the dias. He followed it around and found a small hole hid underneath the helm that was sitting there. Thinking that this was a way that Drelnza could go when in gaseous form, he took out the gnoll hair that he kept, and a jar of honey and proceeds to block the opening.

As luck would have it, and after a very lengthy battle, the party sees Drelnza go into gaseous form and the last they can actually see, it does seem as though she is headed toward the marble dias. When she doesn't reappear, they start to look around. They assume that the lanthorn that was hanging from a huge chain from the ceiling is Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn that they seek. However, the Prison of Zagig or the Demonicon of Iggwilv is no where to be found. Weslocke asks if there could be something inside the dias. Flemin says that it is possible, due to the line that goes around. With their combined strength, Ethelrede and Flemin are able to lift the marble up and it reveals a tray inside that holds a small brass cage. Inside the cage are several pieces of platinum jewelry studded with diamonds and rubies. Flemin spots another line and upon mentioning it, Weslocke says to lift the tray out also. Hockerbrecht and Arocken lift the tray out and underneath they find a coffin and 7 tomes. They lift the lid to the coffin and there is Drelnza, reforming her corporeal body after the battle with the party.

This is where we stopped for the night. We will be gaming again this Saturday, and depending on what happens, this may be the last session for this group of characters for awhile, due to it would be the conclusion of the written module. The group has been informed that there would come a time that we would need to stop so that I can prepare what is needed to continue on with these particular characters beyond the end of the written module.

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Campaign Logs , Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth


  1. Oldgamer's Avatar
    Good story, hope it continues.
  2. cplmac's Avatar
    Thanks for the compliment. I just hope that if it works out that I do have to generate more story to keep the characters going, that I can have it be as good as the original module that it started from.
  3. planetchain's Avatar
    Hi cplmac,
    I'm new to Pen and Paper Games. While investigating the site, I found your blog. I really enjoyed reading it. It had everything-a chase, a dungeon, a puzzle, creative players, a challenging battle, and treasure. Your post was exciting, and it reminded me of why I enjoy D&D. Thank you for posting.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can find your earlier posts by searching under your name, yes?

    By the way, are you using 4th edition rules?

    Have a great day
  4. cplmac's Avatar
    No, this game uses the 2E (AD&D second edition) version. Glad that you are enjoying the read. I am thinking of doing a journal for my character in the game that is going to run while I work on creating the continuation of the Tsojcanth campaign.