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Session 18

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Upon defeating the Hill Giant and his Rhinocerous Beetle pet, the party continues on. They are finding that they have taken most of the passeges and are now trying to find the places where there is a direction that they haven't went yet. Following along, they eventually come to a room that has 4 columns along each side of the room. As they moved in to investigate a little, they are surprised by an attack of what is similar to an octopus' arms, but they know that this isn't coming from an octopus. They fend off the strands as best as they can, but one of the attacks manages to get ahold of Arocken. She finds herself weakened and unable to get out. The fighters come to her aid and begin to work on the strand that has her, while the magic users decide what can be done to stop the attacks. As soon as Arocken is freed and taken back to a safer distance, the first fireball is sent forth. To be sure, a second fireball is sent, and the magic users are ready to send forth more spells if the advancing fighters find trouble, but the damage from the mages has pretty well done in the 2 Ropers and the fighters are easily able to finish them. It is agreed that the creatures seem to be getting increasingly stronger and they all start to keep extra vigiliant to be sure and not get caught completely off guard.

Once again, they continue on and seek out the untraveled passages. They next come to a passage that had previously been bypassed, and so go down it to see where it leads. It ends at an oddly shaped room. The only thing inside is a strange box in the center of the room. Atop the box is a skull that looks to be either that of a human or an elf. They go in to check it out. After some debate, Flemin makes an attempt to open the lid. When he grabs ahold of the lid, he is surprised to find that the box lid envelopes around his hands and wrists. This catches everyone by surprise. By some specially selected spells and the use of another one of Ethelrede's javelins of lightning, they are able to defeat the Trapper and free Flemin. They collect the limited treasure and move on. They are starting to voice a concern about being in the caverns too long. They are also pretty sure that their horses have died for as long as they have been away since last being up with them. It was mentioned that they could try to go up and check on the horses, but they decide against it, since they have found it too difficult to make a map, with the maze of passages in both the upper and lower levels. They come back out and begin searching for a passage that they haven't been down yet, for they know that there are more metal doors that need to be found.

Eventually they manage to find an unexplored passage and upon following it, come once again to a set of metal doors. Doing what has worked all the previous times, they open the large doors to reveal the red marble corridor with the ebony door at the far end. Once again, upon opening that ebony door, they find themselves transported to a 30 foot by 30 foot room. Exploring the 4 ways out, they manage to circle around and find themselves back in this room, twice. Taking the last remaing passage brings them to a small room, in which they are surprised to find nothing there to attack them. Continuing on, the manage to find themselves in the room that they had fought the Hill Giant and Rhinocerous Beetle. Once again they find that they have to search out another passage that hasn't been explored yet. They spend quite awhile searching the caverns until finally they come to another one that had been bypassed.

Following it, they are led to a room that has a soft bluish glow. After a short debate, they decide to enter on the chance that one of the set of metal doors may be found inside, since they know that they have found 5 sets so far and believe that they have 2 more to find. So they all enter and find that they are once again teleported. This time however, they are not in a 30 x 30 square room, but rather a round one. The are also not alone and are surprised to find 2 Minotaurs that are each riding on a bull.

It was at this point that we had to stop for I had to leave and head home to get some sleep before leaving for vacation with my wife and daughters the next morning.

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  1. Oldgamer's Avatar
    Lol, Minotaurs on bulls ... what a picture Bull-men on bulls