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Excavating character origins

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Maybe i misspoke or spoke too soon about all my notes.I forgot that most are them are handwritten and damned few made it to the digital age. In fact going digital was one thing that killed the campaign. So its a labor intensive process to put most of my notes on line. Is there a place around this site that accepts pdfs? I can scan notes to that in a heart beat.

Meanwhile i dug out some early digital notes - written on the write program in the old Windows 3.0 days- and saved to floppy A drive discs. Some of those notes didn't survive that process. And I have suffered two hard drive formats since i started making digital notes and lost tons of info. That never happned with the handwritten notes. *sigh*.

Anyway this may be some of the earliest notes on my campaign that I have. I will begin with a problem i wrestled with over the years- the origin of player characters. As a DM, I wanted to give the player characters SOME background- especially as I allowed everyone to start at second level (so I could use more vicous monsters). Here is a rudumentary origin list I came up wth. Once I expanded it to 20 origins- but that copy was lost.

The Origin of Player Characters

Player Characters show up at the most inopportune times! It then
becomes a problem to integrate them into the campaign. Below is
a handy list of reasons a new player character would show up to
adventure precisely at this time...

Roll Reason
1 Amnesiac: unknown origin; still has skills & abilities; but their identity eludes them. The remembering process could be
2 Assasin/Spy: One may have been hired to spy on area merchants or military for bad guys. If assasin may be hired to kill local non player character. There is a 08% to be discovered everyday.
3 Bardic Experience: Foolish PCs who crave Bardhood. To do so they must never shirk from adventure for the experience to
become bards. However, this does not mean that they are Bards yet.
4 Captive: PC is only recently escaped from bandits or humanoids. 60% items left behind & they a looking for help to get them back.
5 Constabulary: PC is local militia & today is thier first day on the beat. One can call on local law enforcement; but it had better be a good reason. The pay is lousy, but the drinks are free.
6 Cursed: PC who offended a superior being & now finds life is simply one encounter after another (50% a day). One
wanders the world seeking to have the curse removed.
7 Escaped Criminal: On the lam from the law! Will have extra gold!
8 Geas/Quest: Magic command compels PC to carry out actions & adventures! (Quests require a return home to remove spell). Failure results in a withering death usually within a year.
I would either roll an eight sided die or let the characters pick their origins. Do people use 8 sided die anymore?

More to come!

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Updated 01-21-2009 at 11:57 AM by jerrykimbro

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  1. nijineko's Avatar
    your best bet with the pdfs, is to go ahead and scan them, find a site to host them, and then link to them from this site. there are any number of sites that will allow you to host cheaply, or even free-though the free ones tend to have limits as to how much space and how much transfer they will allow. and similar file hosting sites are good for that sort of thing. =D
  2. jerrykimbro's Avatar
    I may have a site or two to do that- more on this later. meanwhile- I will try to transcribe my paper files digitally. A slow process i'm afraid.