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Valen Antel (World Map)

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The World of Valen Antel is an aincient world, currently set in the 24th Year of Emperor Kalenor.

Populated mostly by Humans, there are small pockets of other civiliasations and small kingdoms scattered throughout.

Valen Antel's known land is 1000 leagues from East to West. It is mostly temperate, wooded and plains. Through its center spreads 'the Great Waste' A land inhospitable to all but the most sturdy of people.

The Kalernorian Empire:
Twenty Four Years past, Emperor Kalenor, may he Rein forever, united the waring kingdoms and cities under his Just, Rightous and Merciful rule. The kingdoms of Vol, Antel, Lurecia and Munjabi along with the 'Free City' of La Nich were brought under the Emperor's control.

The Kalenorian Frontier:
A land of vast wilderness, and adventure. Many runes and pockets of the supernatural keep this land unsettled. Only the bravest or desparte venture here.

the Great Waste:
Cutting through the heart of Valen Antel is the scare left upon the world, when the Gods Warred. There are a few people that have been able take what they can from the waste, and trade successfully with those not willing to enter. The greatest of these are the dwarfs in their underground city/kingdom of Dök Nassreik.

the Shadden:
If there is a place for the forest spirits to gather, this is it. The mysterious woods, is home to all aincient stories, and wonders. Even the Gods themselves came after the Shadden was born. The people of Shair have been able to make peace and find prosperity on the southern edge of the forest, bringing many amazing accuterments and weapons of power to the rest of the world, from their involvment with the Shadden.

the Nör Lands:
Frozen Tundras and viscious barbarians are all that this land has to offer.

the Broken Fingers:
Roamed by the dead, this dangerous land offeres nothing but despair to the living.

the Eldarian Isles:
It is rare, the human that has ventured, and returned from these isles. Old magics, and an older people make their home here, guarding their ancentors treasures from the greed fo the world.

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