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first online chat game

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Last night I ran my first online chat game. I was curious about the feel vs face to faces games that I have been running for many years. I found that it was more tiring than running a f2f game. Speech is so much easier than typing constantly. I also found that it seems easier for the players to lose track of whats going on with all the text flying about. I think the dice roller isn't truly random, watching other people roll and within the game the extremes seem to crop up more often.
Another interesting thing is that I have always use miniatures or markers for the positions of the players and bad guys. It was again different telling the players the actual distance and other things without a map in place.
Given that, I thought it was fun. I could pm the players about making rolls in secret and pass information. It was interesting how the players did pass the information. I did miss tonal inflections and when I run a f2f I will get out my chair to do things so the players have a better idea of the npc and such.
I'm looking forward to trying this again.

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  1. Farcaster's Avatar
    Perhaps something you might try is a combination game where you use something like Skype to setup a conference call and also use an online dice roller. That way it is voice and you wouldn't have to type everything out.