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New character

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I have decided to play a Ranger, i pick all ranged ablity's and powers. i will be a bad ass with a longbow. I have yet to make up a background but my race is a half-orc,which will make is interesting to play. Going to have to grow a beard and wear a hooded cloak in town. I will still keep Arn... I will find a game for him trust me. I will be the first time i have played a ranger so it wiill be fun.
On a heavier note i am having surgery tomorrow to put a fistula in my arm so i can have hemo-dyalsis done.. ye ha. Not!
Oh ya i played in my first online game today, to was a bit slow but it was a start, i am looking forward to the next game. I don't really want to play 3.5 rules but i will do it just to play,and the dm jig need's the practice, the only thing is that the server in openrpg shut down on us, and that sucked. it didn't take long to get another room up and running though, Well untill next post, seeya!

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